Get ready this Valentine’s Day with Best Skincare Routine

Get ready this Valentine’s Day with Best Skincare Routine

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and it's the perfect time to start preparing for that gorgeous and healthy glow on your skin, as you would want to look best on your date. Mostly due to a hectic work schedule, we really forget to have our "me" time and miss out on taking care of our skin, which needs little self-love. Swagmee salon at home is the perfect destination for those who can take out a suitable for a traditional salon visit.

For couples in love and hopeful singles, this is the queue to start skin care as now you have a week only to give your skin some love, nourishment and care so that you shine on Valentine’s day. If you want to put your best face forward then follow these simple skincare tips to get your glow on.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important steps towards attaining healthy and glowy skin. Get a glass of water and guzzle it down even as you read this. Water is beneficial to your skin, as it will keep you hydrated, refreshed and maintain your skin’s elasticity. People who drink a lot of water have less scars, wrinkles, and soft lines, and they don't show as many indications of ageing as those who drink little amounts of water. You can also opt for body polishing as it’s great for promoting cell regeneration, moisturizing and hydrating dry skin.

Some C Love for Your Skin

Vitamin E is a sureshot way to make you seem attractive but it's Vitamin C that helps you look younger by increasing collagen (which makes your skin less sagging).Citrus fruits, which are high in antioxidants, can help you combat skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, so start eating such foods like grapes, oranges, and strawberries right away to get healthy skin.

Take Detox Therapy for Skin & Body

Take Detox Therapy for Skin & Body

Brush away all those toxins from the body by following a simple technique of dry brushing just before showering. It only takes 30 to 60 seconds. Before you begin dry brushing, make sure your skin is completely dry. It has numerous advantages; natural bristles improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, which aids in detoxification. After dry brushing, apply oil to your body. Use any of your favourite essential oils. Allow it to settle and seep into your skin before taking a relaxing bath.

Indulge into Detox Bath

Now it's time for some self-care & self-love moments, take out time from your schedule and have a hot detox relaxing bath. All you need is a bathtub, some lukewarm water, a candle of your choice, rose petals or any flower that you like, and a drop or two of relaxing essential oils - lavender. Fresh orange and its zest can also be added. Indulge in a detox bath at least once a week, and if time allows, twice a week.

Get A Facial

To keep your skin in good condition, having regular facials is important as it really does wonders to your skin. Your body sheds skin cells throughout the day, it's critical to keep your skin bright and healthy. It's an effective way to prevent acne, treat wrinkles and keep your skin looking its best. You can also indulge from a champi massage to hydrate facial, organic spa polish and detox mani-pedi sesh. This enables you to relax from head to toe. This is your time to relax and enjoy, so take it all in. Various valentine's special packages from Swagmee will help you indulge in a pampering session in the comfort of your home.

Face Care

You can get a healthy glowing skin by using the right alkaline foods and supplements. Always use the right home care products, especially a face cleanser that is gentle and kind, helping to combat any dirt and debris from your skin. Use face cleanser everyday and face scrub twice a week at least. You can also use a face mask as masking is a crucial factor in the treatment of skin problems.

Lip care

If you want soft and shiny pink rouge lips without putting lipstick on then try this. Beetroot has many benefits and is the hero here, bring it to the boil, smash it, sprinkle some sugar granules, a pinch of salt and dash of lemon. Apply it directly on your lips and allow it to rest for 10 mins then gently scrub movement it in circular direction and there you have a natural pink tint.

Have a sound sleep

Have a sound sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of the detox process. Your body needs a good sound sleep that’s why it is advised to reduce your water intake post sunset. So you don't have to get out of bed as often to use the restroom. Sleep also aids in the relaxation of the body. Usually, it's better to use repairing products at night for their skin since it’s the best time for skin to do its work.

Healthy Diet

Keep a healthy diet, eat alkaline food and a rich diet. Try to intake vitamins and nutrients and say no to sugar. Green vegetables and fruits such as Kale, broccoli, olive oil, seeds, nuts, apples, spinach, bananas, watermelon will make your body, skin healthy and will bring back the glow.

Get Rosy

Gifting a rose to your beloved is a typical thing to do on Valentine's week but how about getting a rose glow with a beauty treatment. Add rose to your beauty regime by making rose face packs. Crushed rose petals can be mixed with besan and yoghurt to eliminate blemishes and excess oil, or a rose+oats+milk scrub can be used to exfoliate dead cells and reveal skin as soft as the rose petals themselves. Also, for supple skin, keep your face hydrated at all times with rose water or gulab jal toner. Follow these skincare recommendations to make a lasting impression this Valentine's week if you want to look your best. If these skincare tips are a little hectic for you, then you can opt for Swagmee beauty services at home to fulfil all your skincare needs.


Which drink is best for skin?

For clean skin you should take water therapy, Honey & lemon water, fruit juices, green tea and turmeric milk.

How can I make my skin glow for an event?

To make your skin glow, always cleanse and exfoliate your skin before putting on any makeup.

Is there any Valentine's Day offer going on?

Yes, we have a special Valentine's Day bumper sale. You can choose any deals according to your needs.

What is the minimum charge of your Valentine's Day package?

Our Valentine's Day packages start @ Rs. 499 only.

Does skin care affect my makeup?

Skincare helps create a better base for your cosmetics. The state of your skin has an impact on how your makeup is applied in the end.

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