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What makes our beauty Salon services at home most unique in Noida, Faridabad, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida And Gurugram

Swagmee, Top Rated Salon Parlour at home service provider is a team of well-trained beauty experts, experienced & skilled professionals who are perfectly equipped to serve people who are looking for at-home beauty and grooming services. Here we follow a simple approach - "Hygienic Services, Branded Products & Customers Demands"

Hygiene - Our Top Priority!

No matter what the service is but we make sure to be hygienic always. Our beauticians make sure to wear head caps, gloves and other such equipment that gives a healthy turn to our services.

Branded Products - Our Essentials!

We believe to offer you the best services and that can be only done when used with the best products. We use top branded products that ensure amazing results.

Customer Demand - Our Responsibility!

Your demand is a command for us. Whenever you ask for a service related to beauty or grooming, the only answer our beauticians will have is "Yes Madam",i.e., because Swagmee has all types of services starting from face and body beauty to hair prettiness and all these beauty services are now available in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram & Faridabad.

How it Works

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Pick a Salon Service:

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Choose Your Time-slot:

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Enjoy a Relaxing Beauty Time
Enjoy a Relaxing Beauty Time:

Our professionals will get in touch with you an hour before the service

Top Rated at Home Beauty Salon Services - Delhi NCR

Now get amazing beauty services at your home within your comfort with Swagmee, a salon at home in Noida where beauty comes with comfort. Experience amazing hair, face & body beauty with our experienced, top beauticians and that too at user-friendly prices. Also, you don’t have to care about hygiene as our beauticians provide 100% hygienic services by using branded products. Book parlour at home now & enjoy relaxing beautifying time!

Get The Best Salon & Parlour Services

All about Swagmee Salon & Parlour at Home

Offering you all the salon, parlour and spa services at your doorstep, Swagmee is one of India's top home salons. Getting that beautiful face, body and hair is now easy and comfortable with us. We make sure to fulfill all your beauty needs within your comfort. Our beauticians are well-trained to provide you top class services and also we use branded products that are directly sourced from the brands. Either it is waxing, manicure-pedicure, facial or it is hair spa, hair color and other such services, we are here to cater all your salon and parlor needs; just a click away from you!

Why to Choose Swagmee Home Salon Services?

Step into the new normal with our parlour at home. Going to parlour is not bad but having those professional salon and parlour services at your own home within our own comfort is more amazing. It brings you multiple benefits when you deal with us:

  • It saves your lot of time of traveling and having appointments.
  • You can have personal attention of the beautician. She is no hurry to attend other clients.
  • You don’t have to worry about hygiene and safety as all beauticians wear all safety gears.
  • Quality is not compromised at all. All beauticians here are well-experienced holding atleast 3 years of experience.
  • It brings you a more flexible experience. You can choose a particular beautician, can have services at your own decided time and your place too.

We are Here to Make You More Stylish and Prettier

Swagmee Salon at Home Beauty & Parlour Services Benefits

Running on a busy schedule and still want to maintain your beauty? What’s better than a salon at home then? It will save you a lot of time and energy. With us you can get the different salon and parlour services even in a better way at your home only:-

Waxing Services at Home


Get rid of facial and body hair without going to parlour now. Just get in touch with us and our beautician will get your waxing done at your home. Services Starting from Rs. 144 only. Book Now!

Benefits of Waxing

  • No More Shaving Cuts
  • Reduces Tanning
  • Prevents Fast Hair Growth
  • Smooth & Nourished Skin

No More Tired Parlour Visits, No More Face & Body Hair!

Facial & Cleanup Services at Home

Facial & Cleanup Services at Home

Facial & Cleanup is spa therapy that makes your skin clearer, smoother and glowing. Right from removing dead cells to relaxing your facial muscles, it can do wonders to your face skin. Choose your facial & cleanup type and get it done at your place. Services Starting from Just Rs. 320. Book Now!

Benefits of Facial & Cleanup

  • Cleanses Skin
  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Younger Looking Skin
  • Open up All the Pores
  • Eliminates Eye Bags

Face Beauty Matters, Let Your Face Glow!

Bleach & De-tan

Skin bleaching and de-tanning is used to lighten the darker skin areas by reducing tanning and enhancing glow. Getting the bleaching & de-tanning treatment is just a few clicks away now. Get it done right now!

Benefits of Bleach & De-tan

  • Glowing Skin
  • No More Threading Pain
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Reduces Pigmentation Marks
  • Reduces Tanning Excessively

Make A Difference to Your Normal Beauty Skin; Make it More Beautiful!

Hair Care

You know your hair beauty matters, but do you think regular shampoos and conditioners are just enough to make them pretty? No! You need to take care of them amazingly. Try out hair spa, it will give your hair the potion they are missing & get them colored to go with the swag.

Benefits of Hair Spa & Hair Color

  • Removes Impurities
  • Moisturizes Hair & Scalp
  • Reduces Dandruff
  • Shiny Hair
  • Reduces Frizz

Beautiful, Thick, Shiny Hair Always Leaves a Good Lasting Impression!



Manicure & pedicure refers to the curation and care of nails. Also, it is must to have these treatments once in a while from a professional nail salon. With us, get these services at your doorstep in a pampering manner starting from Rs. 250 only. Book Now!

Benefits of Manicure & Pedicure

  • Good Nail Health
  • Boosts Blood Circulation
  • Pretty Hands & Feet
  • Relaxing Massage

It Is Not Bad to Get Obsessed with Pretty Hands & Feet!

Pre-bridal Grooming

Pre-bridal grooming is a must for every girl who wants to look perfectly gorgeous on her big day. Flawless skin, sparkling killy eyes, bouncy hair, pretty hands & feet; what else a bride wants? Get this all done in a single click and that too at your own place.

Benefits of pre-bridal grooming

  • Smoother & Glowing Skin
  • Shiny & Beautiful Hair
  • Pretty Nails
  • Relaxing Grooming Time

Glow on Girls, It’s Your Day!

Head & Body Massage

Long hectic work schedules can make your body tiring and it can also adversely affect your daily working adversely. Call out our beauticians who are well trained to offer a professional massage and charge up yourself while letting your head & body relax.

Benefits of Head & Body Massage

  • Detoxifies Body
  • Relaxes Mind
  • Boosts Memory
  • Improve Circulation
  • Prevents Hair Damage

Have a Professional Pampering Experience at Your Home!


Threading is a popular and amazing alternative to waxing and plucking. Shaped up eyebrows, clear forehead, upper lips and side locks, all make your face look more beautiful. Get it done quickly with Swagme Home Salon and flaunt your beauty.

Benefits of Threading

  • No Chemicals
  • Less Pain
  • Less Time Consuming
  • More Natural Eyebrows Look

Shape up Your Brows & Make up Your Look!

Beauticians Available for Salon & Parlour at Home Services

207 Beauty Service Professionals Present in Delhi NCR, Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram & Ghaziabad

Janki Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
4.9 (914 ratings) 716 times rated 5 star
Sangeeta Singh

Great hair spa experience after a long time! Janki was awesome in her job. Thanks a lot for giving me such a nice hair spa.

Punita Yadav

Did a great job with eyebrow threading and waxing in a very relaxed atmosphere. Would highly recommend Janki Ji to others as well.

Nisha Patel

Brilliant concept executed flawlessly! Having a salon near me that comes to my doorstep is a game-changer. Kudos to the team for their professionalism!

Rakhi Desai

Highly impressed with the attention to detail and quality of service provided by this home salon. It felt like a luxurious pampering session right at home.

Sonal Shah

Exceptional service from start to finish! The convenience of a home salon coupled with the expertise of the staff made for a delightful experience. Will be a repeat customer!

Mamta Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
719 (4.9 ratings) 616 times rated 5 star
Susmita Rathor

Mamta was super nice and friendly. I would prefer her again for my facials & waxing. Very friendly, clean, and caring about what you want.

Supriya Seth

Best beauty services at the doorstep. The threading & waxing done by Mamta was good. Thanks a lot, Mam.


provided an exceptional salon at home experience. She transformed my living room into a professional parlour at home. Highly recommended!


expertise turned my home into a luxurious salon. She's my go-to for a home salon experience!


home salon service is unmatched. She brings the ambiance of a high-end salon right to your doorstep.


salon near me service exceeded my expectations. I felt pampered and relaxed in the comfort of my home.

Priyanka Vaishali , Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
4.8 (590 ratings) 520 times rated 5 star
Arushi Mahto

Good quality, professional and excellent services!

Harpreet Kaur

The beautician was very good in nature and has utmost professionalism. She did manicures and pedicures with expertise. I’m more than happy with the results.


parlour at home service is a game-changer. I love how convenient and professional her home salon experience is.


attention to detail is impeccable. Her salon at home service makes me feel like royalty.


home salon service is top-notch. She brings the best of the salon world to your doorstep.


salon near me service is a lifesaver. She's punctual, professional, and delivers excellent results.


parlour at home service is a must-try. She creates a relaxing ambiance and provides exceptional beauty treatments.


salon at home service is simply amazing. She's transformed my home into a sanctuary of beauty and relaxation.


home salon service is a game-changer. She brings the expertise of a salon right to your doorstep.

Sonia South Delhi, New Delhi, India
912 (4.9 ratings) 816 times rated 5 star
Aarti Mahajan

Amazing beauty service!

Kiran Singh

The pre-bridal services were unparalleled ! and the communication by the team was amazing. They respond with immediate effect. The beautician was just perfect at her job.


salon near me service is excellent. She's skilled, professional, and always leaves me feeling refreshed.


parlour at home service is fantastic. I love the convenience of getting salon-quality treatments in the comfort of my home.


attention to detail is remarkable. Her salon at home service is truly a luxury experience.


home salon service is outstanding. She brings the expertise of a salon right to your doorstep.


salon near me service is unmatched. She's professional, punctual, and delivers fantastic results.


parlour at home service is exceptional. I love how convenient and professional her home salon experience is.


salon at home service is a game-changer. She's transformed my home into a sanctuary of beauty and relaxation.

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All About Swagmee Salon & Parlour at Home Service near me

We are Salon & Grooming service providers! Celebrating beauty and self-care, Swagmee is an ambitious initiative to provide an easily accessible, trusted and user-friendly platform where multiple users can get at-home salon services by booking desired slots online.

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  • Punjabi Bagh
  • DG 2 Block Vikaspuri
  • West Patel Nagar
  • Om Vihar
  • D Block Vikaspuri
  • Bakkarwala
  • Bodella
  • Uttam Nagar West
  • Tilak Nagar
  • Hastsal
  • Kirti Nagar
  • Peeragarhi
  • Karampura
  • Vishnu Garden
  • F Block Vikaspuri
  • Patel Nagar
  • Paschim Puri
  • Mundka
  • J Block Vikaspuri
  • Mansa Ram Park
  • Uttam Nagar East
  • Naraina
  • Meera Bagh
  • Narain Vihar
  • G Block Vikaspuri
  • Ganesh Nagar
  • New Moti Nagar
  • Punjabi Bagh West
  • Rajouri Garden Extension
  • Rajapuri
  • Nanhey Park
  • Najafgarh
  • Raja garden
  • Virender Nagar
  • Madipur
  • Mianwali Nagar
  • A6 Block Paschim Vihar
  • A Block Vikaspuri
  • Ashok Nagar
  • Tagore Garden Extension
  • Sainik Nagar
  • Ajay Enclave
  • Param Puri
  • Ramesh Nagar
  • Lajwanti Garden
  • Old Rajinder Nagar
  • Subhash Nagar
  • Nangloi
  • New Rohtak Road
  • Shyam Vihar - I
  • Sunder Vihar
  • A2 Block Paschim Vihar
  • A3 Block Paschim Vihar
  • H Block Vikaspuri
  • A1 Block Janakpuri
  • Ranjit Nagar
  • Chand Nagar
  • Chanakya Place I
  • Manglapuri
  • New Uttam Nagar
  • Mansarovar garden
  • Jail Road
  • Tagore Garden
  • Inderpuri
  • Ambica Vihar
  • Najafgarh Road
  • Pusa Institute
  • Baljeet Nagar
  • Ranjeet Nagar
  • Shivaji Marg Phase I
  • A1 Block Paschim Vihar
  • A4 Block Paschim Vihar
  • A5 Block Paschim Vihar
  • B3 Block Paschim Vihar
  • B5 Block Paschim Vihar
  • Krishna Park
  • A2 Block Janakpuri
  • B1 Block Janakpuri
  • B 3B Block Janakpuri
  • C1 A Block Janakpuri
  • Punjabi Bagh East
  • Guru Nanak Nagar
  • Jaidev Park
  • Sagarpur East
  • Keshopur
  • Mahavir Nagar New
  • Sector-13 Rohini
  • Sector-28 Rohini
  • Sector-29 Rohini
  • Sector-34 Rohini
  • Sector-14 Rohini
  • Sector-18 Rohini
  • Shalimar Bagh
  • Narela
  • Sector-15 Rohini
  • Keshav Puram
  • Burari
  • Sector-8 Rohini
  • Sector-35 Rohini
  • Jahangir Puri
  • Ashok Vihar
  • Sector-23 Rohini
  • Ashok Vihar Phase-1
  • Sector-16 Rohini
  • Ashok Vihar Phase-4
  • AC Block Shalimar Bagh
  • Siraspur
  • West Shalimar Bagh
  • Sector-A9 Narela
  • Sector-7 Rohini
  • Sector-17 Rohini
  • Sector-3 Rohini
  • Mukherjee Nagar
  • Prashant Vihar
  • Gulabi Bagh
  • Loknayak Puram
  • Sector-11 Rohini
  • Ashok Vihar Phase-2
  • Uttari Pitampura
  • Rampura
  • Civil Lines
  • Sector-19 Rohini
  • Ashok Vihar Phase-3
  • AD Block Shalimar Bagh
  • Sector-A5 Narela
  • Lawrance Road
  • Sector-5 Rohini
  • Azadpur
  • Bawana
  • Sector-2 Rohini
  • Sector-6 Rohini
  • Sector-21 Rohini
  • Model Town Phase-3
  • Poorvi Pitampura
  • Dakshini Pitampura
  • Timar Pur
  • Rithala
  • Sector-20 Rohini
  • Sector-22 Rohini
  • AN Block Shalimar Bagh
  • DA Block West Shalimar Bagh
  • AD Block Pitampura
  • Sector-A10 Narela
  • Vijay Nagar
  • Engineer Enclave
  • Kapil Vihar
  • Nirankari Colony
  • Harsh Vihar
  • East Shalimar Bagh
  • BW Block West Shalimar Bagh
  • Mohammadpur Majri
  • Sainik Vihar
  • Vijay Vihar
  • West Enclave
  • Baba Colony
  • Rana Partap Bagh
  • Kamal Pur
  • Kamla Nagar
  • Shakti Nagar
  • Saraswati Vihar
  • Sant Nagar
  • Malka Ganj
  • Kohat Enclave
  • Jawahar Nagar
  • Kalyan Vihar
  • Tri Nagar
  • Shivaji Marg
  • Derawal Nagar
  • Maharana Pratap Enclave
  • Sector-1 Rohini
  • Sector-4 Rohini
  • Sector-25 Rohini
  • Vaishali
  • CA Block West Shalimar Bagh
  • Adarsh Nagar Extension
  • Indira Nagar
  • JJ Colony Wazirpur
  • Sector-A6 Narela
  • Sector-B4 Narela
  • Old Gupta Colony
  • Mayur Vihar - II
  • Patparganj
  • Vasundhra Enclave
  • Akshardham
  • Mayur Vihar - III
  • Dilshad Colony
  • Kondli Gharoli
  • Laxmi Nagar
  • GTB Enclave
  • KarKardooma
  • Gazipur
  • Geeta Colony
  • Chilla
  • Krishna Nagar
  • Mansarovar Park
  • West Vinod Nagar
  • Pandav Nagar
  • New Ashok Nagar
  • New Kondli
  • Shakarpur
  • Mandawali
  • Kondli
  • Sunder Nagari
  • Yamuna Vihar
  • Guru Angad Nagar
  • Vishwas Nagar
  • Shreshtha Vihar
  • Jhilmil Colony
  • Jyoti Nagar West
  • Naveen Shahdara
  • Ram Nagar
  • Paryatan Vihar
  • IP Enclave
  • Vivek Vihar
  • Bhajanpura
  • Vinod Nagar
  • Jagatpuri
  • Dayanand Vihar
  • Chander Vihar
  • Swasthya Vihar
  • Nirman Vihar
  • Bank Enclave
  • Gorakh Park West
  • Guru Angad Nagar West
  • Joshi Colony
  • Kabool nagar
  • Maujpur
  • New Modern Shahdara
  • Rajgarh Colony
  • Rohitash Nagar West
  • Shashi Garden
  • Shastri Park
  • Vivek Vihar Phase I
  • Babarpur Village
  • Bhola Nath Nagar
  • Trilokpuri
  • Madhu Vihar
  • Ram Nagar Extension
  • Lalita Park
  • DaryaGanj
  • Prasad Nagar
  • Connaught Place
  • Motia Khan
  • Janpath
  • Paharganj
  • Tilak Marg
  • Rajinder Nagar
  • Old Rajender Nagar
  • Rajendra Place
  • Sadar Bazar
  • Amrita Shergill Marg
  • Kishan Ganj
  • Dev Nagar
  • Nizamuddin West
  • Sector-11 Dwarka
  • Sector-22 Dwarka
  • Sector-5 Dwarka
  • Sector-19 Dwarka
  • Sector-18A Dwarka
  • Sector-7 Dwarka
  • Sector-23 Dwarka
  • Sector-9 Dwarka
  • Sector-13 Dwarka
  • Sector-3 Dwarka
  • Sector-2 Dwarka
  • Sector-14 Dwarka
  • Sector-18B Dwarka
  • Sector-17 Dwarka
  • Sector-19B Dwarka
  • Sector-1 Dwarka
  • Sector-23B Dwarka
  • Sector-18 Dwarka
  • Sector-16B Dwarka
  • Palam
  • Sector-26 Dwarka
  • Pocket-1 Sector 6 Dwarka
  • Palam Extension
  • Sector-8 Dwarka
  • Kakrola
  • Nasirpur
  • Sector-16 Dwarka
  • Sector-27 Dwarka
  • Sector-1A Dwarka
  • Bijwasan
  • Bindapur
  • Raj Nagar I
  • Pocket-2 Sector 6 Dwarka
  • Patel Garden
  • Sewak Park
  • Bharthal
  • Sector-15 Dwarka
  • Suraj Vihar
  • Bamnoli
  • L Zone

Are You A Professional Beautician Looking for Customers?

Great products, services and long life relationships come from great collaborations. We are looking forward to start a conversation with you, learn more about you, your ability and buid something amazing together. If you think you have that talent in beautifying then what are you waiting for?

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • 18 votes
Can facial really glow up my face?

Yes, with facial you can achieve more smoother and glowing skin that you will definitely love.

By Saloni Singh on 5 October, 2021
  • 13 votes
In terms of hygiene which wax is most preferable?

Although Swagmee is intended to provide all services hygienically, still if you want a more specific solution for hygienic and safe wax then go on for Rica Roll-on packages.

By Mahima Mukherjee on 27 September, 2021
  • 12 votes
Is Roll-On Wax risky?

No, not at all! It is one of the best waxing type you can go for.

By Neha on 29 September, 2021
  • 10 votes
I am having so much dandruff in my hair. What should I use?

While choosing Swagmee Hair Spa service, take an anti-dandruff ampoule add-on. It will really help you.

By Sweta Singh on 23 September, 2021

Customer Testimonials

Riya 2021-10-02 15:15:38

I have recently tried the wax and facial services of Swagmee and can definitely say that they are really good at this. They know how to work professionally and hygienically. I really loved their services and going to choose them only from now onwards for salon at-home services.

Nidhi Kumari
Nidhi Kumari 2021-10-03 02:24:20

Amazing Experience! Swagmee is the perfect salon at-home service provider. Right from using branded, hygienic products to providing professional services, they know how to impress customers. Thanks Swagmee for such a great beauty relaxing time!

Tanya Singh
Tanya Singh 2021-10-01 03:55:20

I really liked the facial which I had last week from this home salon. The massage was really amazing and I’m feeling that the product really worked on my skin.

Swagmee FAQ'S

How do I opt for a salon at home service?
You just need to visit our website and browse through the services, select the service of your choice, your preferred date and time. Insert your address and it's done.
How often should I opt for a facial as per Noida's atmosphere?
It is advisable that you go for a facial once a month as the pollution level in Delhi NCR can make your skin look dull.
Are your beauticians well trained and reliable?
We have a training centre in Noida, where we provide 6-months of professional training to each beautician.
What type of beauty care services does Swagmee provide?
We provide all kinds of beauty care services at home, including but not limited to waxing, de-tanning, massage therapy, pedicure and manicure and spa at home. You can also ask the beautician if you have any special requests.
Are your services hygienic and safe?
We at Swagmee follow strict client safety protocols as per WHO recommended guidelines.
Do I need to book an appointment in advance?
Yes, you need to book a slot for at least 1 day in advance. Based on the availability and distance your appointment will be confirmed.
What kind of payment options are accepted?
We accept multiple payment options including cash, credit card, debit card and online payments.
Can I book an expert of my preference?
Being a prominent salon at home service provider in Noida, Swagmee provides you with the option of choosing a beauty expert of your choice, subject to availability.
Why choose Swagmee salon at home services in Noida?
At Swagmee we have a group of certified beauty professionals to take care of all your skincare needs. We follow strict guidelines for clients safety and hygiene.
What is the minimum bill amount?
At Swagmee we don't believe in digging a hole in the client's pocket, so the minimum bill amount is just Rs. 699 per person, which is inclusive of all taxes.
Which equipment and products will the expert carry to my doorstep?
Our experts will come to your home with all the products needed for your selected package. For clients safety, disposable sheets and single-use equipment will be used.
Do you have any cancellation policy?
Providing outstanding services to all the clients is our motto. So we would request you to cancel the appointment at least 4 hours in advance or else cancellation charges ranging from 100 to 200 will be charged.
Is Swagmee serving only in Noida?
Except Noida, Swagmee services are also available in Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida etc.
What if I don't get satisfied with the service I requested?
Our team will make sure that you get completely satisfied with your selected service but in case you are not, feel free to reach us at +919818925186. We will make sure that all your queries and issues will be resolved.
How do I select a perfect skincare package for me?
Reach us at our customer helpline and our expert beautician will guide you on which packages will suit your skin type along with some other tips.
How can I protect my skin from Noida pollution?
Use only natural beauty products to keep your skin refreshed. You can also book an appointment with Swagmee salon at home and all your skincare needs would be taken care of.
What product lines do you carry?
At Swagmee we only use branded beauty products. We source directly from the manufacturer to make sure no altered products are used.
What happens if the beautician arrives late for the service?
As you must be familiar with traffic conditions in Delhi NCR, we would request you to bear a little with us. You can also reschedule or cancel the booking before we reach your doorstep.
Will the Swagmee team leave my place clean and tidy?
With Swagmee you don't need to worry about the cleanliness. Our team will leave your place the same as it was before.
Are there any additional charges from the prices listed on your website?
No, there are no hidden or travel charges. All the listed prices are inclusive of taxes.
What are your work timings if I opt for a salon at home Gurugram?
If you’re living in Gurugram, you can book an appointment on any day of the week to get your preferred service between 10 AM to 6 PM.
What is the offered price for the pre-bridal package for the salon at home Ghaziabad location?
No matter where do you stay in Delhi & NCR region. Our Pre-bridal Grooming packages start from ₹3,444. For more details visit our website.
Why I should opt for salon at home Noida instead of visiting parlor?

There are a few reasons for selecting Salon at Home Noida.

  • Time-saving
  • Personalized beauty services
  • More relaxing experience
  • Safe, secure & hygienic
How can I book an appointment with Swagmee salon at home Delhi?

It's very simple, you just need to follow these simple steps to book your appointment with Swagmee Salon:

  • Visit our website
  • On home page click on the service you want. It will redirect you to a detailed service page.
  • Choose service and click the “Book Now” option, then you'll go to the checkout page where you need to fill in the required details.
  • After this, our Swagmee Team will contact you to confirm your booking.
What are the different types of waxing services provided by your Salon at Home Faridabad?
Our salon at home Greater Noida offers you Choco Honey Wax, Rica Wax, and Rica Roll-on Wax services. To know more visit the waxing service page.
What all payment options do you accept?
We accept multiple payment options including cash, credit card, debit card and online payments.
Can I book only manicure and pedicure services?
What are those things that a bride should take care of to get maximum results?
Take 8-hour sleep daily, stay hydrated, don’t compromise with diet, and avoid oily food.
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