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Why are our Salon At Home services in Faridabad so special?

In this hefty workload and jam-packed schedule, you always overlook the upkeep of your beauty. Hence, it is your responsibility to pamper it with the proper love it wants, and that’s why booking a beauty parlour service at home session for yourself by Swagmee can be a great choice for giving yourself a relaxing time.

Your well-kept appearance demonstrates how health-conscious you are! We respect your desire to keep yourself clean and well-groomed, which is why at Swagmee, we provide not only the best beauty parlour services at doorstep that include professional hair care, skincare, and other services. Our professional beauticians offer the following services:

  • Professional beauty parlour services are of the finest quality at reasonable prices, allowing you to save money on your regular beauty maintenance.
  • A variety of spa and beauty treatments are ideal for unwinding and keeping your mind and soul in good shape while you indulge.

We not only provide the most convenient and pleasant beauty parlour services at doorstep, but we also treat you with the care and elegance you deserve. We follow a simple mantra: "high-quality goods, customer needs, and hygiene guidelines," and we go out of our way to provide you with the best spa and home salon services, allowing you to meet all of your beauty needs successfully and quickly.

Our Priority: Hygiene Guidelines

Cleanliness is extremely important to us. To ensure the safety of our services, our beauticians keep a healthy and clean environment and wear gloves, caps, and other protective equipment.

Our Motto: High-quality Products

We are dedicated to providing you with the best salon at home service possible, which we accomplish through the use of high-quality materials. We ensure that we only use the highest-quality products available, which we obtain directly from manufacturers.

Our Responsibility: Meeting Customers’ Needs

We will make certain that we meet all of your beauty requirements. As a result, your grooming and beauty requests are always met with enthusiasm.

How It Works

Pick a Salon Service
Pick a Salon Service:

Select from various packages & services

Choose Your Time-slot
Choose Your Time-slot:

We are available from 10 am-6 pm

Enjoy a Relaxing Beauty Time
Enjoy a Relaxing Beauty Time:

Our professionals will get in touch with you an hour before the service

How to book yourself for a salon at home in Faridabad by Swagmee

Step 1: Open the Swagmee website on your computer or mobile device.

Step 2: In the search bar, type in your pin code. Then, from the service options, choose "Beauty parlour services at doorstep."

Step 3: Review the Salon at Home services in Faridabad options on the menu and select one. The benefits of each service include the type of service provided by Swagmee, the brand. Swagmee gives you the option of choosing from a number of salon at home services in Faridabad. Prices will vary depending on the type of salon at home service in Faridabad that you choose. For instance, you can choose any beauty salon service as per your beauty requirements and then pay as per your selected salon at home service.

Step 4: Swagmee's salon at home services in Faridabad are highlighted in a pop-up display. To schedule an appointment for beauty parlour services at doorstep, choose any beauty service and click "Book Now" to add it to your cart.

Step 5: Either create a new account or log in to your existing one.

Step 6: Once you've decided on your required beauty parlour services at doorstep, choose a date and time that works for you.

Step 7: Choose a mode of payment and continue.

Step 8: Enter the address where you want the beautician to call to have your booked salon at home services in Faridabad delivered. Alternatively, you can choose one of your previously saved addresses.

Step 9: Select "continue to checkout" from the drop-down menu.

Step 10: The Swagmee team will contact you to assist with your chosen beauty parlour services at doorstep. They'll contact you to confirm your appointment for a salon at home in Faridabad.

Different Services Offered By Swagmee:
Services Brand
Waxing Honey Gold, Rica
Facial & Cleanup Cheryl's, O3+, VLCC
Bleach and D-tan Nature’s, Oxylife, Raaga
Hair Care L'Oréal, Calix
Mani-Pedi Pedilogix, Sara, and SeaSoul
Pre-bridal Grooming Rica, SeaSoul, Pedilogix, Rica, Nature’s, O3+, Oxylife
Head & Body Massage SeaSoul, Figaro
Threading Organica

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Everything You Need to Know About Swagmee Salon at Home Services in Faridabad

In the midst of your hectic schedule, you don't get time for the pampering you deserve. Days pass and you don't have time to visit a salon and get the beauty services you require. Well, now you no longer need to wait for the weekends to schedule salon appointments. With Swagmee’s salon at home in Faridabad, you can bring salon services right to your door. You can get all of your required beauty salon services right at your doorstep. Getting beauty parlour services at doorstep in Faridabad no longer has to be a chore.

Why Choose Swagmee’s Salon At Home Services In Faridabad?

Swagmee helps you find the best beauty care specialists in Faridabad from the safety and comfort of your own home. We will bring you the most skilled beauty specialists who are ready to meet all of your beauty needs based on your location and preferences. When you visit our website, you will be able to select from a wide range of affordable beauty services.

We make it far more convenient and efficient for you to receive beauty services in the comfort of your own home. Services can be requested whenever you want, wherever you want, and at whatever time you want. It's as simple as that to reap the benefits of living in the privacy of your home. Along with that, we follow a simple and hygienic approach, which is as follows:

We provide you with time-saving beauty services.

Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad lets you book a beautician at your preferred time slot online, saving you time and energy.

You can reap the benefits of having well-trained professionals at your doorstep.

Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad employs beauticians with 4-5 years of experience.

We provide you with a range of branded cosmetics.

At Swagmee, we provide you with a range of branded cosmetics like L'Oreal, O3+, Dabur, Calix, Seasoul, and many more.

We give you a range of hygiene-friendly services at your convenience.

Swagmee enables you to fully utilize hygiene-friendly services without having to contend with a cluttered environment.

We use only disposable or one-time-use items.

For sanitary reasons, we use disposable items or one-time-use products like towels, wipes, and much more.

It's Much More Than Just A Beauty Salon!

Swagmee is a one-stop shop for everything you need for your salon. We also offer waxing, facials, hair spas, body polishing, and other aesthetic services in addition to manicures and pedicures. So, if you want to achieve your hair goals or have a beautiful, smooth body, give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.


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Services Are Offered In Different Locations In Faridabad
  • Alampur In Faridabad
  • Amipur In Faridabad
  • Badarpur Said In Faridabad
  • Badoli In Faridabad
  • Badshahpur In Faridabad
  • Bhaskaula In Faridabad
  • Bhatola In Faridabad
  • Bhopani In Faridabad
  • Bhuapur In Faridabad
  • Chirsi In Faridabad
  • Dadsia In Faridabad
  • Dhadar In Faridabad
  • Dhahkola In Faridabad
  • Dhoj In Faridabad
  • Dungarpur In Faridabad
  • Faizupur Majra Neemka In Faridabad
  • Faridpur In Faridabad
  • Fatehpur Taga In Faridabad
  • Fattupura In Faridabad
  • Gothda Mohbtabad In Faridabad
  • Jasana In Faridabad
  • Kabulpur Patti Mahtab In Faridabad
  • Kabulpur Patti Parwarish In Faridabad
  • Kanaura In Faridabad
  • Kheri Gujran In Faridabad
  • Kheri Kalan In Faridabad
  • Kheri Khurd In Faridabad
  • Khori Jamalpur In Faridabad
  • Kirawali In Faridabad
  • Kot In Faridabad
  • Kureshipur In Faridabad
  • Lalpur In Faridabad
  • Madalpur In Faridabad
  • Mahavatpur In Faridabad
  • Mahmoodpur In Faridabad
  • Mangar In Faridabad
  • Maozmabad In Faridabad
  • Mortzapur In Faridabad
  • Nachauli In Faridabad
  • Nekpur In Faridabad
  • Nimka In Faridabad
  • Pakhal In Faridabad
  • Pali In Faridabad
  • Palwali In Faridabad
  • Paota In Faridabad
  • Phulera In Faridabad
  • Rajpur Kalan In Faridabad
  • Rawajpur In Faridabad
  • Sadpura In Faridabad
  • Sahrawak In Faridabad
  • Sedhola In Faridabad
  • Selakhari In Faridabad
  • Shahabad In Faridabad
  • Sherpur Khadar In Faridabad
  • Shikargah In Faridabad
  • Sirohi In Faridabad
  • Tajpur In Faridabad
  • Tajupur In Faridabad
  • Tekawli In Faridabad
  • Tigaon In Faridabad
  • Tikri Khera In Faridabad
  • Tilori Khadar In Faridabad
  • Ajronda Chowk In Faridabad
  • Ashoka Enclave Part 3 In Faridabad
  • Agwanpur In Faridabad
  • Anangpur Dairy In Faridabad
  • Ajit Nagar In Faridabad
  • Ankhir In Faridabad
  • Ajronda In Faridabad
  • Ashoka Enclave In Faridabad
  • Badkhal Chowk In Faridabad
  • Ballabhgarh In Faridabad
  • BPTP Parkland In Faridabad
  • Basantpur In Faridabad
  • Charmwood Village In Faridabad
  • Chawla Colony In Faridabad
  • Dabuwa Colony In Faridabad
  • Dayal Bagh In Faridabad
  • Dabua Colony In Faridabad
  • Dayal Basti In Faridabad
  • Dav College In Faridabad
  • Friends Colony In Faridabad
  • Gandhi Colony In Faridabad
  • Ghazipur In Faridabad
  • Gurukul Basti In Faridabad
  • Gurukul Road In Faridabad
  • Greenfield Colony In Faridabad
  • Gopi Colony In Faridabad
  • Hardware Colony In Faridabad
  • Industrial Area In Faridabad
  • Independant Kothi In Faridabad
  • Indraprastha Colony In Faridabad
  • Ismailpur Road In Faridabad
  • Jawahar Colony In Faridabad
  • Jeevan Nagar In Faridabad
  • Katan Pahari In Faridabad
  • Kheri Road In Faridabad
  • Lakkarpur In Faridabad
  • Mewala Maharajpur In Faridabad
  • Mujesar In Faridabad
  • Mathura Road In Faridabad
  • Neharpar Faridabad
  • In Faridabad
  • New Industrial Township 2 In Faridabad
  • New Industrial Township In Faridabad
  • New Industrial Township 3 In Faridabad
  • New Industrial Township 4 In Faridabad
  • Nehru Colony In Faridabad
  • New Industrial Township 1 In Faridabad
  • New Industrial Township 5 In Faridabad
  • Parvatiya Colony In Faridabad
  • Raveev Nagar In Faridabad
  • Sainik Colony In Faridabad
  • Sector 12 In Faridabad
  • Sector 15 In Faridabad
  • Sector 17 In Faridabad
  • Sector 20 In Faridabad
  • Sector 21C In Faridabad
  • Sector 23-A In Faridabad
  • Sector 27/A In Faridabad
  • Sector 30 In Faridabad
  • Sector 35 In Faridabad
  • Sector 4 In Faridabad
  • Sector 46 In Faridabad
  • Sector 55 In Faridabad
  • Sector 6 In Faridabad
  • Sector 7 In Faridabad
  • Sector-54 In Faridabad
  • Sector-75 In Faridabad
  • Sector-78 In Faridabad
  • Sector-84 In Faridabad
  • Sector-88 In Faridabad
  • SGM Nagar In Faridabad
  • Suraj Kund In Faridabad
  • Sector-28 In Faridabad
  • Sector 15A In Faridabad
  • Sector 18 In Faridabad
  • Sector 21 D In Faridabad
  • Sector 24 In Faridabad
  • Sector 27 In Faridabad
  • Sector 32 In Faridabad
  • Sector 36 In Faridabad
  • Sector 41 In Faridabad
  • Sector 48 In Faridabad
  • Sector 56 In Faridabad
  • Sector 62 In Faridabad
  • Sector 8 In Faridabad
  • Sector-31 In Faridabad
  • Sector-63 In Faridabad
  • Sector-80 In Faridabad
  • Sector-85 In Faridabad
  • Sector-89 In Faridabad
  • Suraj Kund Road In Faridabad
  • Sector 10 In Faridabad
  • Sector 13 In Faridabad
  • Sector 16 In Faridabad
  • Sector 19 In Faridabad
  • Sector 21A In Faridabad
  • Sector 22 In Faridabad
  • Sector 29 In Faridabad
  • Sector 33 In Faridabad
  • Sector 37 In Faridabad
  • Sector 42 In Faridabad
  • Sector 5 In Faridabad
  • Sector 58 In Faridabad
  • Sector 64 In Faridabad
  • Sector 9 In Faridabad
  • Sector-43 In Faridabad
  • Sector-70 In Faridabad
  • Sector-76 In Faridabad
  • Sector-81 In Faridabad
  • Sector-86 In Faridabad
  • Shastri Colony In Faridabad
  • Surya Nagar In Faridabad
  • Sector 11 In Faridabad
  • Sector 14 In Faridabad
  • Sector 16A In Faridabad
  • Sector 2 In Faridabad
  • Sector 21B In Faridabad
  • Sector 23 In Faridabad
  • Sector 25 In Faridabad
  • Sector 3 In Faridabad
  • Sector 34 In Faridabad
  • Sector 39 In Faridabad
  • Sector 45 In Faridabad
  • Sector 52 In Faridabad
  • Sector 59 In Faridabad
  • Sector 65 In Faridabad
  • Sector 91 In Faridabad
  • Sector-49 In Faridabad
  • Sector-72 In Faridabad
  • Sector-77 In Faridabad
  • Sector-82 In Faridabad
  • Sector-87 In Faridabad
  • Sehatpur In Faridabad
  • Spring Field Colony In Faridabad
  • Tikawali In Faridabad
  • Vinay Nagar In Faridabad
  • Yadav Colony In Faridabad

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Successful collaborations result in high-quality products, first-rate services, and long-term relationships. We can't wait to meet you, learn more about you and your skills, and collaborate on something truly remarkable. What are you wasting your time on if you think you can make others look more beautiful?

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Swagmee’s salon at home in Faridabad: Beauty Services and Benefits

Have you just returned from work and are dreading going to a salon for beauty services? At Swagmee’s salon at home in Faridabad, you can get a waxing service at home on your scheduled time. Several salon services provided by Swagmee are:

Facial & Cleanup At Home

A facial is one of the most effective treatments for improving the appearance of your skin. It exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. A salon-like facial is now only a few clicks away.

Schedule your preferred time slot at Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad and let your skin breathe. Face cleanup is similar to a facial. However, it has fewer steps and products than a regular facial. Cleanups are better suited to people with younger skin. Brands used for facial and cleanup services at home include: O3+, Cheryl, VLCC, Sara, and Vedic Line. Beauty parlour facial cleanup services are provided by a salon at home in Faridabad:

Cheryl's Tan Clear Facial

Cheryl Tan's Clear Facial instantly reduces tan lines and rejuvenates the skin, making it look younger and more radiant. Except for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Note: Please remember to apply sunscreen after this facial.

Glowy & Shiny Skin (O3+ Shine & Glow Facial)

Shine and Glow facial, as the name suggests, hydrates your skin and gives it an instant glow. It is suitable for all skin types except for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Note: Please remember to apply sunscreen after this facial.

Classy VLCC Fruit Clean up

This fruit cleanup produces a skin-whitening effect. This cleanup is well-suited to all skin types except for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Note: Please remember to apply sunscreen after this cleanup.

Lustrous Vedic-Line Facial

The Vedic Line Gold Facial Kit cleanses the skin by removing dirt and impurities, improving texture, and rejuvenating it, leaving it with a healthy shine and radiance.

Note: Please remember to apply sunscreen after this facial.

Manicure & Pedicure At Home

Sometimes all you need to unwind is a good hand and foot massage. Swagmee salon at home in Faridabad offers you quality manicure and pedicure services. You can relax and enjoy the most affordable manicure and pedicure at home.

The salon at home in Faridabad provides the following manicure and pedicure services:

Cut, File, and Polish: This is a basic manicure and pedicure procedure that involves trimming, filing, and applying your preferred nail polish.

O3+ Mani & Pedi Crystal Spa: This is a superficial cosmetic treatment for the hands and feet that gives you flawless and seamless outcomes along with whitening and brightening benefits, and it goes well with all skin types.

Organic Sea Soul Manicure: This manicure service provides you with the perfect care for your nails. It gives you a relaxing massage that offers you healthy nails as well as beautiful nails.

Sara Pedicure Pampering: This pedicure service is a satisfactory cosmetic treatment for your feet. It gives you a flawless cosmetic response to remove sun tans and whiten your skin, and it goes well with all skin types.

You can pamper your hands and feet by taking advantage of at-home manicure and pedicure services.

Waxing At Home

Swagmee brings the salon at home in Faridabad to fulfill your last-minute grooming needs. You don't have to visit your waxing salon after work. All you have to do is pick a time slot and has your waxing done at home if that works best for you. Choco Honey Wax, Rica Wax and Rica Roll-on Wax are provided by the Swagmee’s salon at home in Faridabad.

The Advantages of Choco Honey Wax:

  • It lightens up your tan.
  • It prevents the ingrowth of unwanted hairs.
  • It leaves your skin healthy and glowing.

The Advantages of Rica Wax:

  • It ensures the painless removal of unwanted hairs.
  • It is a smooth hair removal process that doesn’t require re-application.
  • It is 100% colophony free (the ingredient that causes redness or irritation). That’s why it doesn't cause redness or irritation after you're done with your waxing.

The Advantages of Rica Roll-on Wax:

  • It features a pre-wax gel for a more effective hair removal experience.
  • It moisturizes the skin and makes it feel smooth.
  • It features a hair gripping ability to prevent waxing over the same area.

Hair Care At Home

Hair care services can do wonders for your hair. It is not only relaxing, but it also helps to nourish and moisturize your hair. Hair care services via Swagmee are advisable to fulfill all your hair-related needs. Swagmee facilitates you with the following hair care services:

  • Hair Color and Henna Application
  • Hair Spa Treatments
  • Shaving and Beard Trimming (Men)
  • Hair Cutting and Hair Styling (Men)
  • Head Wash (Men)

Threading At Home

Looking to get eyebrow services nearby? Get threading services at your home by Swagmee’s salon at home in Faridabad at a time that suits you the best. Salon at home via Swagmee, making it easier to avail the beauty services at cheap rates and flexible timings. Every one of you wants to relax and pamper your skin with the best possible options. Swagmee, being one sole solution to all your beauty needs, brings beauty parlour services at doorstep.

Pre Bridal Grooming At Home

Are you getting married soon but not quite ready? Swagmee’s pre-bridal package includes all of the services you'll need to get ready, such as waxing, facials, threading, massages, and so on. Swagmee's pre-bridal package includes a slew of services that will save you both time and money.

These packages are very affordable, and all of the products are chosen specifically for your skin type. In addition, our professionals can provide you with beauty and wellness advice.

You simply need to schedule an appointment, and we will arrive at your door. Brides must invest their time rather than squander it, so why waste time sitting in traffic when you can get everything done while sitting at home eating and watching TV?

The three exclusive pre-bridal grooming packages offered by Swagmee are as follows:

  • Luxury Pre-bridal Grooming
  • Magnificent Pre-bridal Grooming
  • Classic Pre-bridal Grooming

Head & Body Massage At Home

After facing so much workload throughout the day in your office, will you be able to massage your throbbing head and stiff body? Of course not! Well, you don’t have to worry about your body and head stiffness as Swagmee salon at home in Faridabad provides you with quality massage service at a cheap rate. Swagmee facilitates you with the following massage services:

  • Body Polishing
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Head/Face/Foot/Shoulder/ Neck Massage

Bleach & D-tan At Home

Summer just does not bring ice creams or mangoes but the tough tan and scorching heat with it. These harmful UV rays can harm your skin and cause it to darken. You can avoid all of this by booking a de-tan at a salon at home in Faridabad via Swagmee for a very reasonable price. Take a break from the sweltering heat. Even out your skin tone while relaxing at home, eating your favourite dish, and binge-watching your favourite show. It's never too late to indulge in some self-care, especially at home. Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad provides a variety of bleaching and de-tanning services at home. For instance,


  • Bleach (Face, Neck, Underarms, Stomach)
  • Full Body Bleach ( Face & Neck Included and Face & Neck Not Included)
  • Bleach (Full Arms/Back/Legs)
  • Bleach (Half Legs/Back)


  • D-tan (Face, Neck, Underarms)
  • Full Body D-tan (Face & Neck Included and Face & Neck Not Included)
  • D-tan (Full Arms/Back/Legs)
  • D-tan (Half Legs/Back)


  • Bleach/Raaga D-tan With Scrub (Face/Neck/Underarms)
  • Bleach/Raaga D-tan With Scrub (Full Arms/Back/Underarms)
  • Bleach/Raaga D-tan With Scrub (Half Back/Legs)
  • Full Body Bleach/Raaga D-tan With Scrub (Face & Neck Included and Face & Neck Not Included)

How is a salon at home in Faridabad better than the regular salons?

You have a tendency to forget about yourself in the midst of your daily routine. Making time for yourself appears to be a challenging task. We understand that you have your own ideas about how to unwind, but one thing they all have in common is that you use beauty services. The mere thought of receiving beauty services is relaxing, but finding time to visit a salon after a long day is a deterrent. This is every woman's daily struggle. Keeping this in mind, Swagmee devised the concept of a salon at home in Faridabad. The idea is to bring the beauty parlour services at doorstep. Visiting a beauty parlor at home in Faridabad to receive beauty services is wonderful, but the atmosphere is broken when you have to get up and go home. Instead of wasting time and energy looking for a good parlor in Faridabad. Go home and wait for your salon at home in Faridabad to arrive. The salon at home in Faridabad allows you to unwind in the privacy of your own home. When you get home from work and don't have the energy to go to your local beauty parlor, you can always use the beauty parlor services at doorstep. You can have the salon services delivered right to your door at your convenience.

The following are the benefits of having a salon at home in Faridabad over going to a regular salon:

  • To avoid infections, you must use a hygienic environment when receiving any beauty services. There isn't a more hygienic beauty salon than your lovely home, after all. Swagmee’s professional beauticians take care of your hygiene. Since all of the products are sterile, there are no infections or allergies to worry about. Cleaning up after the service is also available.
  • Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad has flexible hours, so you can pick a time slot that works best for you.
  • Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad provides you with all of the beauty salon services at home at the most affordable rates.
  • All of the beauticians have a minimum of 4-5 years of experience. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about the quality of services provided by Swagmee's salon at home in Faridabad.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • 892 votes
How long does it take to complete a classic pre-bridal grooming service?

The Classic Pre-Bridal Grooming service can take up to 6-7 hours to complete.

By Vaibhav Singh on 21 May, 2022
  • 888 votes
What are the different locations where Swagmee offers mani-pedi services?

Swagmee manicure and pedicure services are available in Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, and Faridabad.

By Aarif Ali on 24 May, 2022
  • 842 votes
I have six working days, and Sunday is the only day I can schedule a mani-pedi. Do they provide a mani-pedi service on Sundays?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment on Sunday because we are open seven days a week.

By Monika Yadav on 29 May, 2022
  • 789 votes
What are some essential hair care products for healthy and lustrous hair?

Here are some products to consider if you want healthy, lustrous hair:

  • Hair Color
  • Hair Salon
  • Hair Creams
  • Hair Gels
  • Hair Serums
  • Hair Masks

By Yamini Kumari on 3 June, 2022
  • 780 votes
Is baby powder useful for waxing?

After washing your face and cleansing your skin, apply a small amount of baby powder to the skin area you want to wax. This absorbs water, ensuring that your wax strip is properly joined.

By Sofiya Ansari on 7 June, 2022

Customer Testimonials

Ashish 2022-05-13 16:19:55

Swagmee's at-home salon services are fantastic.

Soniya 2022-05-18 09:20:11

Thank you so much, Swagmee, for providing me with such excellent service.

Jyoti 2022-05-24 18:06:31

I got the ideal body bleach. It was a fantastic home salon experience, thanks to the Swagmee team.

Swagmee FAQ'S

What are the advantages of at-home services?

Today's lifestyle necessitates being on the go, quick, and efficient. Work, family, friends, and your own ambitions are all competing for your attention. All you need is a little TLC to revive, renew, and repair yourself!

Swagmee brings salon or home service experts to your door so you can relax and enjoy some time to yourself. We work around your hectic schedules and leave you looking and feeling great!

Do you accept both online and offline payments?
Yes, Swagmee allows both online and offline payment methods.
What kind of cosmetics do you use?
All of our items come straight from the brand, and senior specialists conduct random tests. All of the products we have are 100 percent original and come from the brand or its licensed wholesalers.
Is there anything I need to prepare before the service?

No, we have everything you'll need for the service you've requested. You don't have to be concerned about anything. All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and take advantage of the greatest at-home services available.

Our professionals bring disposable sheets with them, so you won't have to worry about a mess on your mattress. During the service, the expert uses disposable towels to maintain cleanliness and safety procedures.

Am I supposed to make a reservation for Swagmee's Salon at Home Faridabad services in advance?
Yes, you must reserve the service in advance on the Swagmee website. Make sure to reserve it at least 4 hours ahead of time.
What kind of services do you offer that can help me keep my hair healthy at home?

For healthy hair, we offer the following services at home:

  • Hair spa treatment with Calix Organic Products.
  • Hydrating concentrate by L'Oréal.
  • L'Oréal's Purifying Concentrate (Anti-Dandruff)
How many types of body massages do you offer?

We offer the following body massages at home:

  • Organic Sea Soul Body Polishing
  • Swedish Massage-The Muscle Relieving Therapy-60 mins/90 mins
  • Deep Tissue Massage-The Pain Relieving Therapy
How many types of head massages do you offer?

We offer the following head massages at home:

  • Head & Shoulder Massage-The Relaxation Therapy
  • Relaxing Face Massage-The Face Relaxer
  • Head Massage-The Calming Therapy
  • Foot Massage-The Foot Relaxer
How good are Swagmee's at-home beauticians?
All of our beauticians have a minimum of 4-5 years of experience in the beauty service industry and have completed a 3-month training program at our institute in Noida.
What are your cancellation policies?
Our goal is to provide exceptional service to each and every one of our customers. As a result, we would like to request that you cancel the appointment at least 4 hours in advance, or else cancellation fees ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.200 will be charged.
What are the various types of waxing services offered by your salon at home in Faridabad?
Choco Honey Wax, Rica Wax, and Rica Roll-on Wax services are available at our salon in Greater Noida. More information can be found on the waxing service page.
What are the benefits of pre-wedding sessions for a bride?
On your wedding day, yes, you can look good with makeup. However, if you want to look your best on your wedding day, you must attend the pre-bridal grooming session.
What should I include in my regular touch-up routine to nourish my nails?
After removing nail polish, you should apply a moisturizing cream to your nails and the areas around them.
Is waxing on a regular basis a safe practice?
There is no need to be concerned about skin damage because waxing on a regular basis is completely safe. In fact, if waxing is done on a regular basis, the skin will become less sensitive, and the hair follicle will lose its grip on the hair to be pulled. As a result, the hair will be easier to remove.
Will the information on my credit card be safe in your hands?
We don't keep any credit or debit card information on our servers. All Swagmee payment pages follow the most up-to-date security guidelines.
Do you also offer male grooming services?
Yes, both men and women can benefit from our beauty services. Swagmee allows you to schedule an at-home salon appointment at a reasonable price.
What happens if I nod off during my body massage?
Don't be concerned if you fall asleep during your body massage. We'll know you're relaxed if you fall asleep, which isn't a problem for us. We'll wake you up to let you know the massage is finished.
What is the location of Swagmee?
Our headquarters and training center are located in Noida. All of our beauty services, on the other hand, are provided in the comfort of the customer's own home.
What are some of the benefits of facial threading?
Using thread can help to boost collagen production, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Additionally, they make your face appear tauter, reducing wrinkles and giving you a more smooth overall appearance.
What precautions do your beauticians take in terms of hygiene and safety?
At swagmee, we adhere to all of the ICMR's salon service protocols.
When is the best time for you to get a massage?
Make an appointment for your massage when you have less on your plate. You'll get the most out of your massage if you do it this way. You can get a massage before going to work in the morning, during lunch, or in the evening, depending on what works best for you.
When it comes to waxing, how long does it last?
Approximately 3 to 4 weeks. It is, however, also influenced by the individual's hair growth rate.
What should a groom do before the wedding to prepare his face?
Before the wedding day, the groom should follow the CTM mantra, which stands for cleanse, tone, and moisturize.
In your nail care services, what tools and equipment do you use?
We use nail clippers, filers, buffers, brushes, toenail scissors, nail cleaners, and other nail care tools to provide you with the best service possible.
Is it okay for me to wear socks after a pedicure?
It's a question we get a lot. After a pedicure, we recommend that you refrain from wearing socks and shoes for at least 8–12 hours.
Men's face masks can be made in a variety of ways.

Face masks for men can be made at home using the following ingredients:

  • Face Mask with Honey and Bananas
  • Cucumber and Aloe Vera Face Mask
  • Milk and Almond Powder Mask for the face
  • Turmeric, gram flour, and yogurt face mask
What are some of the benefits of having a facial?

A facial can help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • It cleanses your skin.
  • It makes your skin smooth and glowing.
  • It relaxes your facial muscles.
What does a manicure and pedicure entail?
Skincare, nail care, and nail enhancement are all included in a manicure and a pedicure. However, after receiving a request, we can customize the service to meet the needs of our customers.
Can I choose a specific beautician for my pedicure?
Yes, you can, but it will be entirely dependent on the availability of that particular beautician.
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