Bridal Season Has Arrived: Time To Call Salon At Home Pre-Bridal Services!

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Weddings are always a special day for all of us, as it comes only once in a lifetime, and for a bride, it's nerve-wracking. She should be mindful of her look on this special day. If you’re about to get married, just make a decision to take a salon at home service for this “Big Day”. An array of beauty services like facial bleach, bridal facial, or hair spa can do wonders for your skin & hair. An excellent pre-bridal regime will bring back the charm of your flawless skin & gorgeous hair.

Probably, you haven’t heard about all pre-bridal care services prevailing in the market. So, don't worry, it’s not a big deal! It's natural, you are not alone. 

Now besides these services, it's also a dilemmatic situation to choose the right beauty expert for this special event. Now let’s have a quick tour of pre-bridal grooming services that will definitely help you to achieve brighter skin, gorgeous hair, and a high-esteemed personality. 

Bridal Facial 

Healthy and nourished skin has its own significance to reshape your personality. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to your skincare.  Bridal facial offers you plenty of benefits, including - tan removal, radiant & and glowing skin.  It works excellent for all types of skin and is very useful to moisturise and purify the skin. If you google for at home salon near me, you can find a list of so many salons and most of them can provide you with an exclusive range of bridal facial service.

Face Bleach

Face Bleach

What do you notice first, face or body? Obviously, your face reflects your entire personality, therefore you need to keep it in a good state. 

Face Bleach is advantageous in a number of ways as it diffuses oxygen into the skin. It’s good for instant glow, and soft skin. However, face bleach benefits are not limited to this extent. To achieve the best results you need to follow the following steps.

  • First, wash your face with an appropriate cleansing foam.
  • Mix ¼ bleach powder and one teaspoon bleach cream. Let it rest for one minute
  • Now apply the cream on your face and  neck (Avoid eyes and eyebrows)
  • Leave it for 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes, wash the bleach and clean your face.

Full Body Bleach

Full Body Bleach

Full body bleach produces a miraculous effect on your body. The product used in this service is enriched with milk proteins and honey. Also, these products have efficacy for cleaning skin pores and making your skin more glowing. Apart from this, it's quite better for sun-tanned skin and inhibits melanin formation. With so many salon services at home providers out there, a full body bleach can be done by the expert professionals in the comfort of your home.

Full Body Wax 

Full body wax removes unwanted hair from your body.  In this process, hair removal is smooth and after subsequent sessions, hair growth becomes slow. If you use the right product then you'll notice outstanding results. Also, you'll feel less pain.

Full Face Wax 

It’s true that nobody likes facial hair but doesn't have the expertise to remove them efficiently. But with the right product, and by the advice of an expert beauty expert, you can get better results. It's excellent for removing upper lip hair and chin hair. Just add this service to your skincare routine.

Body Polishing 

You must have heard about body polishing but the benefits are still not known to you don’t know its benefits. It’s great for exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin. Moreover, body polishing benefits are not limited to this extent, it’s great for promoting cell regeneration, moisturising and hydrating dry skin. It’s one of the best ways for encouraging healthy skin. 


On your special day, if your hands, feet, or nails don't look good, then it’s worthless. Mani-Pedi is the best solution for this, it’s a cosmetic beauty treatment for feet, hands, and nails. It’s effective for removing dead skin cells, and tanning. It always feels nice to have a manicure & pedicure at home, so that you don’t need to worry about the hassle of getting back to your home. 

Hair Spa

A hair spa in a very simple way is a perfect de-stress therapy, where it possesses lots of benefits. It’s a rehydrating therapy that’s effective for restoring vital oils, and moisture to your hair root. In addition to this, it’s good to restore hair’s shine and to unclog scalp pores. Let’s have a quick look at what other benefits you can have with Hair Spa.

  • Removes unwanted pollutants
  • Removes Dirt and contaminants
  • Good for improving the blood circulation
  • Normalize the oil secretion

Once your hair will be free from the issues like dandruff and dirt, you’ll see outstanding changes in your hair. They will be shiny and nourished. 

Amidst the crowd, there are various beauty and at-home salon providers in the country, but you need to consider various factors before selecting the appropriate one. It’s also important to find out the range of services, prices, expertise, and timing.


Can I get the Hair Spa Services at Home?

Yes, you can get the hair service at your doorstep. Swagmee is known for Salon at Home Service in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.

Do I need to pay an extra amount for services at home?

No, you don’t need to pay any extra amount. All prices listed on our website are inclusive of product & service cost.

What are the minimum charges for your service?

Our pre-bridal grooming packages start @ Rs. 3440 only.

What kind of products do you use for bride grooming services?

We only use branded products that are globally known for beauty, grooming, and health needs.

Can I trust your beautician to follow professional ethics?

Sure, All our beauty experts have years of experience in the cosmetic and beauty domain. They are responsible, follow every professional ethics, and are only employed after proper background verification process are verified.

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