5 Simple Beauty Mistakes You All Could Be Making

5 Simple Beauty Mistakes You All Could Be Making

Mirror or mirror hanging on the wall. Do you not want to impress them all?

We're all known as narcissists (even if we're not willing to acknowledge it!) and we want to be attractive every day. In regards to beauty and wellness, there's no place for compromise. From choosing the most effective cosmetics to researching different methods, there's no way we'll do to ensure we're looking the best we can.

But, wait for a second! There are a lot of simple beauty mistakes that you could be making during your frenzied lust for beauty We're here to highlight them:

Hair that is over-conditioned

Hair Care Mistake Min

The monsoon is an absolute party-pooper for your hair. When you're trying to control the frizz caused by humidity, don't get too zealous with hair conditioner. It's a popular belief that the more products you apply to your hair the simpler it will remain in good shape. This isn't the truth.

All your hair requires is a coin-sized pump of conditioner that you run through your hair from root to tip but not directly on your scalp. Your scalp already receives its supply of natural conditioner through the oils that naturally reside in your hair. Applying excessive conditioner could make your hair weigh heavier which makes it appear thin and limp. You can also opt for a hair spa session by Swagmee beauty services at home.

Relying solely on wipes to get rid of your makeup

No matter how tired or sleepy you're feeling after a night out drinking, don't fall into bed with your makeup applied. When you fall asleep, your makeup will settle into the pores of your skin, stretching them and increasing them over time, creating a look that is aged and rough. However, if grabbing an assortment of makeup remover wipes is your primary choice, then you're not doing enough!


Wipes work well as an initial step, but they should be followed by a face scrub or wash. If you apply moisturizer straight after using wipes, then you could be pushing dead dirt back inside your pores. And you'll get up with a flash of blackheads, acne or black spots! Your best bet? Apply a quality makeup remover or natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil to get rid of the makeup. Then, follow it up with an exfoliating face wash as well as a moisturizing lotion and prepare to get a restful night's relaxation!

Matching foundation with one side of the hand

We've all experienced this at one moment in our lives! When you go into an establishment selling cosmetics, the sales assistants usually appear on the scene and start rubbing various shades onto the back of your hand, leaving you in complete confusion. But, really it's an easy decision! The hands and the face do not receive the identical amount of sunlight exposure, and certainly not the identical shades. So what you can do on your hands won't necessarily affect your facial skin.

Foundation Mistake Min

The best way to test it is to rub a few dabs across your jawline to check how it blends. Be sure to choose the most natural-looking tone, otherwise, you'll end up looking like a ghost or appear excessively bronzed! One of the most common mistakes women make is choosing the opposite shade in comparison to their actual skin colour. This can ruin your appearance and rob you of the natural, glowing shine you've always wanted!

Doing your makeup for too long, and not washing your brushes

Consider makeup as an ingredient for skin, with brushes are an important instrument to blend the entire look. Like food, when it starts to get old and so do your makeup tools and even your makeup. Applying expired makeup products with dirty brushes could result in itchy breakouts on your skin because of the bacteria created in it. Make sure to clean your brushes every day using a gentle soap, water, and let it dry completely before using it again.

When it comes to your cosmetics, be sure to verify the expiry date for the product before purchasing it. Make sure you eliminate it (yes even if it's very rarely used!) when it is due to expire. It's ok to throw out old makeup is just another reason to purchase new products, isn't it?

Makeup Mistake Min

Not applying sunscreen

The use of makeup can surely improve the appearance and feel of your natural skin. However, sunscreen is your most reliable companion over the long haul! The best method to ensure your skin looks young is to apply sunscreen because it serves as an effective barrier against harmful UV rays from the sun. It also helps protect against wrinkles and dark spots.


It also reduces your chance of getting skin tan. The best method for applying sunscreen would be to put on a layer of moisturiser and then top it with a sunscreen layer before applying your concealer and foundation. If this is a little hard for you then you can also book De-tan treatment at home with Swagmee’s expert salon at home services.

We'd like to talk with you regarding any other beauty tricks that you believe everyone should be aware of. Leave a comment in the section below, and tell us how you keep beauty mishaps from happening! If you're looking for assistance in make-up, then why don't you hire an expert to take care of your makeup for you?


What should I avoid post a waxing treatment?

Avoid rubbing the waxed area as much as you can.

Do I Have to Use a moisturizer before I apply sunscreen?

Sun protection is essential for all skin types. Moisturizer should be applied in the morning.

How often should I use a facial mask?

As a rule of thumb, you should apply an exfoliation mask between one and three times per week, based on the needs of your skin.

Bar soap and water are suitable to cleanse your face if you are prone to irritation and dry skin. True or False?

False, Abrasive soaps can dry out and irritate the skin. It is recommended to apply a gentle alcohol-free, non-abrasive cleanser.

What is the correct method for cleansing the face?

The correct order for cleansing your face is to cleanse, rinse and moisturize.

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