Life-Changing Hack For Storing Makeup Products

We know how it feels to be a makeup enthusiast and a makeup organizer at the same time. Organizing your makeup will help you save your money and also maintain hygiene. An organized makeup tray will prevent your product from spilling, crumbling and cracking.

Hacks for storing your makeup product for a longer period of time:

  • Use a good vanity: Try to invest in good quality vanity which does not break easily. Check a few features of your vanity before buying it such as layout, space, material quality and also the appearance. It’s better if the vanity has various drawers and racks to keep a number of products. If you are buying for traveling purposes then you can buy a small one but if it is for keeping at home or going nearby then you should have a big vanity so that all of your product can easily fit in one bag.

  • Invest in clear organizers: It’s better if you use clear organizers because you will see the products and are more likely to use them. You can keep your morning makeup products in the clear tray so that you don’t miss or waste your time searching for the products.

  • Use a makeup tool holder or brush holder: Makeup brushes can trap dirt very quickly, it’s better if you cover up the head with a plastic wrapper or use a tool holder to keep it away from dirt and dust. Also, always sanitize your tools before using them.

  • Wrap your products with bubble wrappers: Wrap fragile products such as eye shadow palettes, blush palettes, small glass bottles and highlighters to prevent them from breaking. You can avoid the wrapper when you are at home but you must wrap it and place it in a waterproof bag while you are travelling.

  • Put small individual products in a separate tray: If you have a single eye shadow box or a single lip balm box then you must keep it in a separate tray or ice cube tray so that you do not lose them.

  • Divide your makeup products and skin care products: Keep your makeup products and skin care products separated so that you don’t get confused and mess up your bag and have to rearrange it again and again. You can also put labels on your drawer.

  • Use a dressing bar: A dressing bar will add to your decor as well as will help in arranging makeup products. Your product won’t need extra bags or boxes because a dressing bar has too many drawers to arrange your item.

  • Drawer organizers: Use a drawer organizer for grouping the products as you can use one half for your lip kits and another for eye makeup. It will help you keep the product arranged and separated from one another. 

Bottom lines

Keep your product in a cool and dry place away from moisture as it will damage your products. Also, the tools should be kept in a dry place. Make sure to dry out your makeup tools such as blenders and brushes before keeping them in the drawer. If you do not do so then the moisture trapped in it will create a bad smell and will ruin your product. Wipe your makeup palettes and bottles twice a week and wash your makeup tools thrice a week and spray sanitizer on your tools before applying them to your face.

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