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Taking care of facial skin is not enough, your body needs your attention as well. Body care is easier than facial care as it doesn’t include plenty of products and swagmee body spa at home services has made it easier and beneficial as the services come to your doorsteps. The body spa therapy prevents your skin from infection and bacteria layers your skin to defend. The body care routine begins in the shower.

  • Take a comfortable and relaxing shower: Do not bathe in hot water as it burns your skin and provides a lot of damage to the skin, make sure the water is comfortable and relaxing. Although cold water is best for the skin, in winters you can use lukewarm water. Showering in cold water has many benefits such as it tightens the pores and prevents clogging and ingrown hair, helps with injured areas and it doesn’t dry out the skin and protects the natural oil of the body.
  • Exfoliating skin: Due to harsh weather and pollution your skin traps a lot of dirt and pollution which later results in dead skin cells, hyperpigmentation, tanning and skin infection. Exfoliating your body skin once a week will help in reducing dead skin cells, body acne and tanning. You can use any scrub or natural scrub to exfoliate your skin. It’s better if you use body scrubs instead of anytype of scrub as it has big granules and will remove the hard and dead skin cells easily whereas the face scrub is a bit softer for the body and will not affect much.
  • Moisturizing the skin: Like facial skin the body skin also needs moisturization and hydration and it is very necessary to moisturize your body skin after scrubbing it as it dries out the skin and makes it rough and dull. If your skin is not well moisturized then it might cause skin irritation and itching. If you have extremely dry skin then you can also use body oils to moisturize your skin. Make sure you use moisturized body wash or soap to avoid any kind of dryness.
  • Hair removal technique: Many hair removal techniques make your skin condition even worse such as shaving and threading. Shaving makes your skin and hair hard, also there are high chances that it might cut your skin which results in skin infection and irritation. The best method to remove the hair is to wax as it removes the hair from the root and also removes dead skin cells and does not cause any type of cut or infection to the skin.
  • Cover up your skin: Covering the skin helps a lot to protect the skin from dirt and pollution, body lotions or creams are sticky and if you go out without covering your body then the dirt & dust sticks to your skin and causes skin infection, also it layers your skin and clog the pores.
  • Apply sunscreen: Like your facial skin your body skin also needs sun protection as it causes a lot of damage such as tan, dry skin, sunburn, acne and redness. Sunscreen blocks the harmful UV rays and free radicals to protect your skin. You can use spray creams or sunscreen lotion for better and easy application.
  • Body massage: Your skin needs extra care, body massage can help your body skin to rejuvenate and hydrate, also promotes blood circulation which renews the skin cells. The professional massage deeply penetrates the oil into your skin which provides shine and moisturization to your skin. The full body massage therapy by swagmee helps your skin to hydrate and rejuvenates, also the at home services will let you sleep calmly after the service and ensures you full safety & security.
  • Drink plenty of water: Keep your skin hydrated and lustrous, water provides hydration and skin elasticity, it makes your skin naturally glowing & radiant. Water flushes out all the toxins from the body and makes the skin healthy from inside and outside.
  • Eat a healthy meal: Junk or unhealthy food can really affect your skin and whatever you eat clearly reflects on your skin. So, eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, nutritions, proteins and minerals.
  • Research about the product before applying: Even body skin is of different types and not all products are suitable for your skin and loading your skin with plenty of products and changing products every few months will also damage your skin. It is better that you consult it with your dermatologists or a professional skin care specialist to avoid any kind of damage to the skin. Not all the ingredients mentioned in the product are required for your skin.
  • Use body cleanser: Just scrubbing or body wash is not enough to clean your skin. Your body skin is 7 times more harsh than your facial skin. You need a good body cleanser to clean your skin deeply and unclog the pores to prevent ingrown hairs and trapping dirt. A good body cleanser cleans your skin and tightens the pores to avoid bacteria and infections.
  • Apply body oil: Weather like winters makes your skin extremely dry and dull. Only hydrating the skin is not enough. Body oils are thick and do not spread easily and also oils like coconut, almond, jojoba and olive oil are rich in antioxidants and have healing properties which helps in softening the skin as well as reducing the scars. Use body oil right after showering and before going to bed.

Best home made remedy for body skin exfoliation and hydration are:

  • Add half cup of basen, add 2 tbsp of honey, add ¼th cup of curd
  • Mix the mixture well with water
  • Make thin paste
  • Apply the paste all over your body and massage it about 10 - 15 minutes
  • Rinse it with cold water and dab your skin with a soft fabric
  • Add rose water to the same paste and apply it all over your body like a pack
  • Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water
  • Moisturize your skin with your regular moisturizer.

Note - Do not use any kind of soap or body wash for a day


What is the best treatment for smooth and soft body skin?

Full body massage is the best treatment for getting a smooth and soft skin, it rejuvenates the skin cells, locks moisture and provides glowing & radiant skin.

Why waxing is better than shaving?

Waxing removes the hair from the root and makes the growth slower whereas shaving only removes half of the hair causing skin irritation and dryness to the skin.

What is the main purpose of exfoliating body skin?

Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells, clean pores and get rid of ingrown hair. It makes the skin dirt and infection free.

Why is sunscreen important for body skin?

Like your facial skin your body skin also requires sun protection as it causes a lot of damage to the skin and causes sunburn, premature skin aging, dryness and other skin infection.

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