Blend your foundation & concealer with 6 incredible makeup brushes!

Makeup brushes are as important as picking the right makeup product for your face. Different makeup brushes work better than others depending on your compatibility and convenience. However, knowing about makeup brushes, such as which brush goes with which material, will simplify your blending game and ensure you've done your facial cleanup for a smoother effect. You can learn new makeup techniques. The application of professional makeup can be accomplished by using a good and suitable makeup brush, such as:

  • The Dual-Fiber Brush: Different types of natural & artificial bristles are used to make a dual-fiber brush. Thus a brush can apply the foundation seamlessly to your face. The item has a synthetic layer coating it, and the natural bristles of the shooter help polish it. Additionally, bronzers and powder products can be applied with the brush. As soon as the product is applied to the skin, the face is quickly covered and the circular buffing process begins. This technique also allows for quick and thorough blending of the product with a damp sponge without sucking up the product. However, a brush or sponge should be used for the entire face. Fingertip application may be helpful for small areas. Also make sure you don’t have any facial hair as it troubles to end the products on the skin, to get rid of it you can go for face waxing at home by Swagmee.

  • Powder Brush: The large, soft brushes are perfect for applying loose powders on the face. This brush typically has a round or dome-shaped top. The skin responds to the touch in a pleasant, soft, and fluffy way. It doesn't irritate anyone and makes the application process simple and quick. To avoid covering your face in a thick layer, use a brush that is softer and lighter. With a fluffy brush, you can easily set your makeup without having it look cakey. It can also be used to remove excess product from the face. The brush should be loaded with product, tapped to remove any excess, and then used to gently dab the product on your face after first swirling it in the powder. Your under eyes and any oily areas should be covered. When you tap the powder into your face, it helps it adhere better than when you swipe the brush across your face, which could wash away your foundation and other products that you used before the powder. You can lightly dust your face with a small amount of powder, then gently brush away the excess with a clean brush. When removing the extra powder, be sure to buff it in a circular motion and keep the same motion in mind. You can easily buff the sides and small areas of your nose and squeeze the bristles to give them a narrower shape. Applying blush and contour with this brush is another option. Give the brush the desired shape by pinching it.

  • The Fan Brush or Highlighter Brush: The lightest and most delicate brush is the fan brush. These brushes have fan-shaped bristles that are held together by a metal component in the middle. If you need to cover small areas, this brush works great for applying blush, bronzer, and even highlighter. This brush, which doesn't load the product, is the best choice if you don't have enough time to blend things out. It is quite simple to use. Simply swirl the brush in the product before applying it to ensure that the cheekbones are parallel to the brush. This will allow you to quickly cover a lot of ground and completely absorb the product into your skin. The small size of this brush also makes it ideal for applying makeup to delicate areas like the chin, nose, and brow bones.

  • Angled Brush: An angled blush brush resembles a medium-sized contour brush very closely. The bristles on these brushes are only angled so that they grow gradually longer from one side, and the tops of the brushes are shaped to be slightly narrow and long. Shorter swipes are produced and the brush can now cover small spaces. Concealment, blush, and highlighter can all be applied with this brush. Use the length of the brush to your advantage as you gently swirl it into the container, tapping off any excess product as you go. Small areas like your cheekbones, jawline and the side of your nose can be blended with ease using the brush. For more ideas, you can follow swagmee makeup tutorial videos and for more beauty benefits you can book your appointment for a salon at home Pari Chowk Greater, Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and enjoy the services in your own space.

  • Flat Concealer Brush: This brush is much smaller than a flat foundation brush and works best for applying cream products because it has straight bristles. Its sole use is for concealer application, though it also performs admirably for cream contour, cream lipstick, and cream highlighter. This flat brush is ideal for working on most areas because it is both large enough to cover the under-eye area and small enough to work on more intricate areas. The concealer can be applied directly to the brush or by adding a few drops to the brush first. You can also wipe it on a metal palette to evenly distribute on the brush. This works well to conceal any scars, spots, or blemishes on the face. You can apply it with the tip of a brush or a sponge. Use a brush with a larger surface area to cover larger areas, tapping it to remove any streaks. To define the outer edge of your lips or to even them out, use your concealer brush. Additionally, it can be applied to sharpen or correct lip and eyeliner mistakes.

  • Buffing Concealer Brush: This brush works similarly to a buffing foundation brush but is smaller. Its top is slightly angled, and its bristles are Unlike a flat concealer, which only applies concealer to the skin, this brush blends the concealer and gives you a smooth finish. Additionally ideal for applying cream blush, contour, or highlighter is this brush. It resembles a makeup sponge quite a bit, or you could say that this brush acts similarly to a makeup sponge. Also, make sure you don’t have any sort of facial hair then quickly get your facial waxing at home done by swagmee professionals. The concealer is easily blended on your face by the brush, which is fatter than the flat concealer. Put a tiny amount of concealer on the brush and apply it in the shape of a dot. When the product is on the skin, tap it against it and then use a circular motion to blend it.


How do I take care of makeup brushes?

Clean your makeup brush every 3 days if you are using it regularly, or thoroughly once a week. To clean the brush, take a few pumps of any gentle cleanser or soap. Dip the tip of all your makeup brushes in that solution, and then leave it for a while. Scrub the bristles using a rough surface and move your brush in a circular motion to get rid of all the products stuck in the bristles. Rinse the soap with water, and then air dry it or use a blower to dry those bristles.

What should be applied first, foundation or concealer?

Apply foundation first and then concealer if you will go the other way round your makeup will look cakey also foundation covers your entire face but to highlight and hide the pigmentation you will have to apply concealer on top of it.

What is the proper method for selecting a makeup brush?

For powder products use a fluffy and light brush and for creamy and liquid products go for a flat brush or sponge to blend it well.

How often should you change your makeup brush?

You can use your makeup brush for 3-4 months if you are using it regularly and 6-8 months if you do makeup occasionally. It is said to change or replace the makeup brushes because it becomes bushy and hard after a while.

How do you clean your makeup sponge?

Use a gentle soap or liquid cleaner and dip your sponge in it for about 3-4 hours or at least 2 hours. Squeeze water and soap out it then goes for another round and dips it into fresh soap water for 30 minutes scrub the sponge gently as it will get ripped and then wash it with fresh water. Air dry it or use a blower to dry it out.

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