A Complete Guide To Perform Manicure For Men

A Complete Guide To Perform Manicure For Men

Male manicures weren't unusual when our grandparents frequented the neighbourhood barber shop to get haircuts and beard trimming. It was commonplace for many barbers in the old days to cut or buff nails whenever you went to their store.

However, the first manicured males actually go back thousands of years ago.

Men of the Ancient Babylonian civilization used kohl to colour their nails. Different shades were used to showcase the social status of one's.

We can indeed be grateful to the lavish Babylonian males for presenting us with the first and most extravagant manicure set. They must have recognized the value of manicured nails. According to Marie Claire's expert beauty consultants, the equipment was constructed from solid gold.

The manicure for men is making a comeback, and today's men are discovering what their ancient predecessors knew.

Men deserve manicures, too!

The Male Manicure Makes a Comeback

Although it's unlikely that there was a point when men's manicures were utterly obsolete, their popularity has undoubtedly seen a dip and a rise through the decades.

Perhaps you're among those who've shared the view that manicures are primarily for women, at least in our society. However, more and more males are deciding that they do not want to go without pampering themselves with a bit of nail polish!

Then again, what is the point of having ladies be the only ones to have a manicure?

In the event that you're a guy who's not had the chance to see all the advantages nail salons have for you, then maybe wondering what the excitement has to do with.

The guide to the best manicure for men will aid you in unravelling the mysteries of manicures.

A Guide to the Perfect Manicure Just for Him

A Guide to the Perfect Manicure Just for Him

Having manicures isn't "a woman thing" in any way. A well-groomed manicure makes enormous sense, regardless of who you are.

Many factors are connected to hygiene and health that encourage keeping your nails clean and neat.

According to research, fingernails that are not cleaned can hold dirt and grime. You may be surprised by how many harmful bacteria are found in the tips of fingers.

A fresh manicure not only feels good but may also stop the spread of sickly infections and could even keep painful conditions from happening.

This leads us to the first step of taking care of your nails.

Thoroughly Scrub Hands & Fingernails

The manicure process starts with soaking hands inside a warm soapy bathtub for a couple of minutes. If you're doing at-home manicures, you may prefer to rinse your hands under the faucet. Any method is acceptable; however, soaking them in water can cause them to make you feel extremely relaxed.

After that, use scrub brushes to scrub off any dirt from the surface of your hands. Make sure you scrub the backs of your hands along with the palms and between fingers to make clean hands.

Typically, a bigger brush is used for hand scrubbing, and smaller brushes are utilized to scrub nails.

Do not skimp when it comes time to scrub your nails. Clean each nail thoroughly, starting from the corner. Include the nailbeds and under the nail as well. These are the areas that are susceptible to the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

Trim Nails to a Short, Comfortable Length

Utilizing a nail clipper, cut your nails in straight lines across the top, which reduces the chance of having an ingrown nail.

Shorten nails, however, do not cut them too short as well. Nails should be maintained at a length that is comfortable and natural.

File Jagged Edges

When filing, use a glass-based file, as it is ideal for reducing breaks. File uneven edges and smoothes them into a rounded form..

Remove Excess Skin With a Cuticle Clipper

Remove Excess Skin With a Cuticle Clipper

A lot of times, this step is not required. Also, do not go through nails or push cuticles to separate to expose your nail bed.

If you have extra skin hanging from the nail's edge, it can be clipped using the help of a cuticle clipper.

This is a complicated procedure, so it's usually recommended to leave it to the experts! Our manicurists will be sure of trimming the cuticles with care and securely.

Push Back Cuticles

If you've got rough cuticles expanding over your nail, you may want to apply a cuticle softener gel before attempting this method.

With a wooden or a metal cuticle tool, lightly push the cuticles away towards the nails' surface. If, in the end, this isn't necessary, then it may be skipped over entirely. WIth Swagmee, you can plan to skip the stress of DIY, as we bring manicure for men services right at your doorstep

Massage Hands & Nails With Lotion

The perfect manicure cannot be completed without applying a thick lotion to moisturize, heal and safeguard your hands.

This is one of the most adored parts of manicure for men, particularly when getting an expert manicure. Professionals usually take some extra time massaging hands, which can be an extra treat because it makes you feel luxurious. However, massage can help ease tension and stress and help good circulation.

Additional Manicure Tips to Consider

You can also apply a transparent, protective topcoat on the nail's surface. But, some people prefer not to apply nail polish altogether.

Make sure all tools are cleaned before using them. Although it's not common, there have been times when this crucial aspect was not considered in the course of receiving professional services. At Swagmee salon at home Noida, we take pride in offering a safe and professional service.

Ready to Experience a Manicure for Yourself?

If you're reading this, you must be aware that a manicure for men is not something to be scared of, and it should undoubtedly be carried out, either by yourself or by an expert professional, to maintain good hygiene.

The best method of learning about the art of manicures for men is to try it out with an experienced professional. Book an appointment for a manicure at home for men today.


Why do you need to cut your nails?

Regular nail trimming is essential. Nail trimming and manicures will make your nails look neat and tidy. Neglecting to trim your nails and allowing them to grow can cause germs and dirt to get under them and lead to an infection.

How long should it take for a manicurist to do a mani?

It will take about 15 to 30 minutes if you are skilled, and it will take about an hour if you are new to this exercise.

Which manicure lasts longest?

Gel manicures last the longest as they use UV light to cure the polish and harden it.

What is the basic cost of your manicure service for men?

Our manicure services for men start at just Rs. 450.

Do cuticles grow back?

Yes, cuticles do grow back. But the time in which they do is entirely dependent on the current state of your cuticles.

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