9 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Next Threading Appointment

9 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Next Threading Appointment

Who doesn't desire beautiful, well-defined brows? The answer is everyone. What's your go-to brow grooming technique? Stop and think before you say waxing, tweezing, or epilating. Is it truly the best way to groom your brows? What about threading your lovely brows?

Don't be concerned. With this comprehensive guide on the Dos’ & Don’ts of the eyebrow threading, I am here to clear up any doubts you might have. We’ll cover the pros and cons as well as the precautions you must keep in your mind while threading your eyebrows in this blog. In recent years, brow slits have also become increasingly popular.

What Do You Mean By The Term “Threading”?

Eyebrow threading is a way of removing facial hair. It started in Asia and the Middle East, similar to waxing. For ages, women have employed this technique to sculpt their brows. It was only recently that it attracted the attention of western countries. It's a low-cost, effective, and reliable way to acquire the brows of your dreams. It's important to remember that this is not the same as eyelash extensions.

Eyebrow Threading Pros & Cons

Are you debating whether or not to have your brows threaded? Then read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of eyebrow threading so you can make a more informed decision.


  • Precise
  • Natural in every way
  • It's not at all a mess.
  • There's a lot less suffering.
  • Sensitive skin-friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Hair growth slows down over time.


  • Requires expertise
  • Irritation might result from using the wrong thread.
  • If the skin is not taut, it might be painful.

What Are Some Dos’ & Don’ts For Eyebrow Threading At Home?

What Are Some Dos’ & Don’ts For Eyebrow Threading At Home?

The potential of perfectly groomed brows to frame your face and highlight your features is why you feel so good after a threading service. You may have been getting your brows done at your local parlor for a long time. However, there are a few dos and don'ts that you should keep in mind during your next professional threading service at home to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. These are the DOs’ & Don’ts to getting attractive brows that are entirely on fleek!

Don’t Wear Eye Makeup

Before you visit your beauty salon, you should remove your kajal, mascara, and eyeliner. It'll merely smudge and become a mess, especially if you cry a little while getting threaded. When it's time for your threading appointment, avoid wearing heavy foundation or eye makeup because it clogs pores and makes the treatment more unpleasant. When you apply too much makeup, you're also more likely to get a terrible illness from tugging and pulling hair strands.

Do Say Yes To A Soothing Cream / Hydrating Gel

Don't be in a hurry; there's a reason they give a brief massage afterward. Aloe vera gel or a moisturizing lotion can help relieve the redness and swelling caused by threading. Plus, that massage can help you forget about your pain.

Don’t Put Anything On Your Brows After

Before washing, moisturizing, or adding makeup to the threaded areas, you should wait a few hours. This will avoid clogging of the open pores and allow the inflammation and redness to subside.

Do Apply Ice On Your Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or notice a lot of redness after your appointment, chilling the affected region is a good suggestion. It will help prevent post eyebrow threading breakouts on your forehead as well as soothe irritation.

Don’t Tweeze In Between Appointments

Allow your brows to be natural to keep their shape. To avoid ruining their shape, avoid plucking stray hair between sessions (no matter how tempting it is). Allow at least two weeks between appointments. As soon as additional hair appears above the skin's surface, you can return to get threaded to clean it up.

Do Thread After Taking A Warm Shower

A warm bath or shower softens the hair, making it simpler to take out and maybe reducing the amount of pain you experience. Before hurrying to your appointment, try to take a shower. You can use this technique before your waxing at home appointment.

Do Lend A Helping Hand

When getting your brows done, it's vital to use your hands to tug your eyelids in opposing directions. This helps to tighten the skin, allowing for a more exact job and allowing her to reach every hair. To help you relax, make sure you're sitting in a comfortable position. If you'd prefer someone else to pull your skin taut as she threads, don't be afraid to ask for assistance at the salon.

Don’t Say No To A Little Trimming

A quick cut with little eyebrow scissors will help keep unruly hair under control and give your brows a more tidy appearance. Allow your beauty expert to trim them, except for fine or sparse brows.

Do Communicate With Your Beautician

Do Communicate With Your Beautician

It is important to communicate with your beautician. Describe the form you like, or whether you simply want to tidy it up and remove stray, excess hair. To minimize panic later, it's crucial to emphasize that they shouldn't be too thin. Remember that thicker, more natural-looking brows are fashionable, and they seem softer and younger than excessively thin brows.

Your eyebrows are the ones that can make your face the best or the worst. Therefore, it is very crucial to thread your eyebrows from time to time. Along with that, it is equally important to follow these above-mentioned dos’ & don’ts while you are threading your lovely brows.

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What should be the ideal length for a threading string?

An ideal threading string should be 15-24 inches long.

Why the eyebrow threading is better than eyebrow waxing?

The eyebrow threading is far better than the eyebrow waxing because this process threads your eyebrows without using any chemicals.

What are some various threading services offered by Swagmee for women?
  • Eyebrows Threading
  • Forehead Threading
  • Chin Threading
  • Threading (Upper Lips)
  • Full Face Threading
  • Threading (Side Lock)
What is the basic cost for Swagmee’s threading services at home for women?

The basic cost for Swagmee,s threading services at home for women is Rs. 30/-

What is the main purpose of eyebrow threading?

The main purpose of eyebrow threading is to shape your eyebrows beautifully with the help of a threading string.

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