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Disclaimer: Using Our Services Indicates Your Agreement to the User Terms and Conditions. So, Before Proceeding Please Read this Agreement Carefully.

1. Electronic Record

1.1 According to the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, the present document shall be deemed as well as constituted to be electronic record. The rules are applicable to amended provisions as well as electronic records but not limited to legislations stipulated in several electronic records related statues. This electronic record does not require any digital or physical signatures because it is generated through a computer system.

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2. Preface

2.1 We thank you for registering with Swagmee on http://www.swagmee.com (Website).

To use our services, you need to accept our Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy& Refund Policy. In case you don't agree with our Terms then please do not use our services.

NOTE: If you do not accept the Terms and Condition then you will not be able to book any service delivered by Swagmee.

2.2 By accepting the Terms, you hereby state that you are meeting the following criteria:
(i) Your age is above 18 years.
(ii) You have the ability to sign a binding contract with us and under any applicable laws, you are not barred from doing so.
(iii) Any registration information which you will submit to us is complete, true, and accurate as well as you agree to keep it in the same way at all times.

3. Eligibility Criteria of Membership

The website and services usage provided by Swagmee are available only to those persons who adhere to a legal binding contract under Indian Contract Act, 1872. In case you are "incompetent to contract" under Indian Contract Act, 1872 including insolvents, minors, un-discharged, etc. then you are not eligible to place orders telephonically or use the Website. If you are under 18 years of age, then you are not allowed to register as a Website member and shall not transact or use any Services. However, it is clarified that during placing any order telephonically or registration as a website member, Swagmee shall only rely on the information given by you. In case we find that the information provided by you is incorrect then you have to compensate Swagmee and hold Swagmee safety against any third party criminal or civil claim.

4. Security, User Account, and Password

You are required to accept the following criteria:

(a) In case of any breach of security or unauthorized use of account, you have to notify Swagmee immediately.

(b) At the end of each session, make sure that you logout from your account. Swagmee will not be liable for any kind of damage or loss from your side related to this clause.

5. Our Services Use

5.1 You are required to understand and agree that after completing registration with Swagmee, you will be allowed to choose for beauty services within the comfort of your home. Swagmee is only a marketplace or aggregator for beauticians of different caliber and grades.

5.2 The entire appointments are booked through telephonically and online which are directly subject to the availability of service slots and beauticians. Also, your appointment will only be finalized and accepted when you choose to take minimum 1 hour of service. Any services choosen by you that does not sum up for atleast 1 hour will not be entertained by our beauticians.

5.3In case our beauticians fail to reach on time, we will inform you through message or call about delay. In all circumstances our maximum liability shall be limited to appointment rescheduling in the next available slot.

5.4 On the basis of skills and training of beauticians, the rates are applied. There are dynamic ratings for all our beauticians which are driven through customer feedback due to which it changes from time to time.

6. Account of User

6.1 You are required to agree and understand that our objective is to provides an excellent service experience each time but there are few obligations at your side too which you need to fulfill, which are as follows:

i. As per the invoice presented, you are liable to make complete payment of services used which includes statutory taxes, service fees, and product costs.
ii. You have to make sure that there is no damaging and misuse of any product used by the beauticians.

iii. While offering the services, you shall not ask the beauticians to omit or commit any work which is contrary to the company’s guideline. Our beauticians can also refuse a service which is requested from the customer due to any reason. If there is any grievance in this regard, then you are suggested to contact our customer care service for assistance as well as complaints.

iv. There must not be any kind of misbehavior, harassment, use of abusive language and physical violence with beauticians from your side or your family member’s side at your home premise. If you are not happy with the services, then you can simply ask our beauticians to leave by lodging a feedback or complaint on our website. Within 24 hours of the message, we will get back with our specialized assistance.

6.2 Though Swagmee aims at providing a perfect and comfortable experience to each and every customer. Still if there is any kind of damage or loss faced by the customer due to negligence of beautician then we will be liable to the limited amount i.e. INR 10,000 (Based on Terms and Condition) after a detailed inspection and enquiry. Swagmee will not be liable for any kind of consequential, incidental, and punitive damages occurred by use of services.

6.3 We motivate all our customers to take whole responsibility for their belongings. After availing services, if any items of the customer got missing then you are advised to notify us within 24 hours from the time of taking that service. We try to locate the items by making best efforts
but we are not responsible for any damage or loss in this case.

6.4 In case you suspect any wrong activity or there is any other complaint regarding beauticians or services then you are advised to inform us within 24 hours of using that service in writing.
Swagmee will not be liable for any of the conduct by beauticians.

6.5 Services Cancellation –

The amount of refund will be transfer within 24 hours of cancellation. There are some cancellation charges that vary according to the situation which are mentioned below:

• In case the beautician has not left for the customer’s home – No Cancellation Charge
• In case the beautician has left and she is on the way – INR 100 Cancellation Charge
• In case the beautician has reached customer’s society or doorstep – INR 200 Cancellation Charges

*Note – The cancellation charge of INR 200 will only be deducted after taking photos of your society or doorstep from the beautician.

7. Intellectual Property Right

7.1 We own all Intellectual Property Rights in the Website such as database, content, graphics, etc. If you are using anything from the Swagmee website for commercial purpose which fall under the Intellectual Property Right clause, then you are required to either acknowledge us or take authorization from us.

7.2 You will be solely responsible for content you upload on our website like photos, videos, comments, etc. It is clarified that your content will be open to usage for third parties.

8. Compensation for Any Loss

You are responsible for compensating any of the loss caused to third party or Swagmee arising due to breach of Terms and Policies from your side.

9. Prices for Products and Services

The entire pricing is done in Indian rupees and they are subject to change with Swagmee sole direction without giving any notice to the customer.

10. Termination of Services

10.1 In case you have abused, exploited, breached, violated or unethically manipulated any of these Terms then Swagmee can de-register your account and terminate website as well as services access.

10.2 The terms mentioned in 9th point will exist indefinitely until and unless Swagmee opts to terminate them.

10.3 After the termination of your services, we can delete any content related to your service use. Swagmee will not be liable to you or any third party for this action.

10.4 You are liable to pay for all products and services which you have ordered till the termination time.

11. Law of Governance

According to Indian laws, this agreement is read and interpreted. In case of dispute between the parties or any product/service sold by Swagmee will be subject to the complete jurisdiction of Delhi court.

12. Severability
In case any provision or term is considered to be illegal or unenforceable then rest of the terms and provisions will still be applicable.

13. Amendments in Policy

Swagmee has the right to make any changes or modification in portion of terms at any time without giving any kind of notification to the customer. Your continuation of services will signify your acceptance of our terms.


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