Festive Budget Friendly Makeup kit

Your makeup does not have to cost thousands or lakhs. And if you are a beginner then definitely not. Putting together a beginner kit or a simple basic kit by Swagmee professionals. Not to make it a fuss start with:

  • Facial Primer: It's very important to start with a face primer, it gives a soft and smooth texture to your face. The primer also makes the makeup stay for a long duration of time and prevents the other products from smudging. Different Primers cure different problems such as some are good for canceling redness and some give you a natural glow. So, choose wisely according to your skin type. 

  • Liquid foundation: Get a flawless and even tone with the right shade of foundation. Try to use a medium coverage foundation for everyday looks and use a pump more of it for any occasion. Foundation can make or break your look, it is very important to use the right base so that you don’t end up graying your skin or looking too dark from your original skin.

  • Concealer: Hides the darker area of your faces such as dark circles and pigmentation, blemishes and dark spots. Avoid thick and greasy concealers, instead, look for a lightweight one to avoid cakiness.

  • Face powder or compact: Use pressed powder or loose powder to avoid oily skin, use a little amount of powder and press it gently to make sure you do not swatch it and remove your base.

  • Blush: Add a little bit of spice to your face and apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks.

  • Contour: Carve out your face structure with the right techniques. Watch Swagmee makeup tutorial on Swagmee Beauty school to know more and learn deeply about structuring.

  • Highlighter: Give a little bit of shine to your face. Apply highlighter on some areas of your face such as eyebrow bones, the tip of your nose, chin, cheekbones, upper lips and forehead. 

  • Eyeshadow: You don’t have to play with numerous shades on your first attempt. You can use a single shade to enhance your eyes or can use warm brown to the crease and you are good to go. You can also watch how to apply eyeshadow online at Swagmee Beauty school.

  • Mascara: Avoid wearing false lashes instead use a good mascara to give a natural and voluminous look to your eyes.

  • Eye Liner: Define your eyes with a perfect black, smudge-proof eyeliner. But sketch eyeliners if you are not comfortable with the liquid ones. Once you get settled with sketch eyeliners then you can go for the liquid ones. Watch some eyeliner tutorials before applying.

  • Lipstick: Add creamy matte lipstick to your kit which goes correctly with your tone and will not chap your lips.

  • Setting Spray: Do not forget to set your makeup before leaving your house, it will make it stay in place all day long and will also refresh your look.

  • Makeup tool: You must have some basic yet important tools in your pouch such as; Foundation Brush, Highlighter Brush, a Blender and Eyeshadow Brush.

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