Four Basic 2022 Makeup Trends to follow

2022 is really the year for girls who do not want to invest money and time in makeup. Presenting effortless yet impactful makeup trends on your news feed. No cut crease, heavy blush, and dark lipsticks just bronzy glow, smudged liners, tinted cheeks, and nude lips are all this year are about. If your complete look gives a celeb or viral vibe congratulations you are on the team.

Say goodbye to heavy makeup and welcome the nude style. It looks pretty and natural plus it doesn’t harm your skin by giving you acne or breakouts.

It is time to accept that skin care is more important than cakey makeup.

Be comfortable in your own skin, the color palette really doesn't matter what matters is the confidence and comfort you get. 

  1. Bronzy glow is what you all need and it is very easy to create a light coverage foundation that will do it for you, just apply some dewy moisturizer or some face oil before applying the foundation and a little bit of bronzer to cover the whole look.
  2. Smudge eyeliners are the best to make you stand out of the crowd. Your eyeliner does not have to be a certain way or do not have to cut crease wings, it is all up to you to get your own style and make people stare at you, and flaunt your tone.
  3. Tinted cheeks can never go out of trend but heavier ones definitely should. Why do these makeup rules break all the rules and follow your own trend? Buy Swagmees cheek tint: light weighted, smudge-proof and long-lasting.
  4. The Apple of your cheeks wants a lot of attention but not unnecessary ones.                 
  5. So, keep it minimal and sober.
  6. Nude Lips give a very healthy and subtle look and brighten your face. Just find the right nude shade which compliments your complexion and you are ready to go. If you want some extra colors you can go with some natural lip tints as well. 

Before starting your makeup watch some really good makeup tutorial 

videos for beautiful results. You can also learn a few make hacks from those videos to make the process a bit easier. But remember not all videos are approved and created by professionals. So, do your research properly before committing to the holy work of makeup. In case of some extra help, you can go to Swagmee Beauty School's online makeup tutorials and watch plenty of trendy makeup videos by professionals. 

The journey of makeup is really addictive and relaxing once you get your own style and blend in the world you will get satisfaction and know more about your skin and facial features. 

Makeup is not to change but to enhance your beautiful face.

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