Top Myths Associated With Dandruff - Busted!

Top Myths Associated With Dandruff - Busted!

Are you noticing an enigmatizing dandruff story after you've observed white flakes over your hair? If yes, do not believe them! They will do nothing except make your dandruff issue more severe.

What is the real cause, the reasons why certain people are more affected than others, and the most important thing is how to deal with the problem in the correct way? The old stories of old wives' tales and inaccurate information don't do anything to help much.

The easiest way of eliminating dandruff from your scalp is to book a hair spa appointment with a “beauty services at home” service provider.

Let's debunk some of the most common misconceptions about the dandruff issue at once.

Myth 1: Dandruff Is Contagious

Remember those days at school, when you kept your distance from those who were spotted with dandruff you thought was infectious? It's been a while since you've believed in this falsehood! While dandruff might cause you to feel a bit scared but it's not close to being contagious or infectious. This means that you can get the thought of having a flaky, irritated and swollen scalp from a loved one off your list. But, that being mentioned, you need to take steps to get rid of dandruff as fast as you can since it could be an issue to tackle.

Myth 2: Dandruff only Comes In Winter Season

Dandruff Problem

There have been people who freak out in winter and make extra efforts to avoid dandruff. What if we told you that this problem can occur on hair at any time of time? That's true! Dry and cold weather isn't the only factor that can cause dandruff. The release of excessive oil is another cause of dandruff that can appear as hair flakes at any season.

Myth 3: Dandruff Is Hereditary

If you've believed that your hair is in the safe zone since your family doesn't suffer from problems with dandruff, you're mistaken! While many consider dandruff to be a genetic characteristic, the risk can strike anyone at any time!

Myth 4: A Dry And Itchy Scalp Is Caused By Dandruff

Dandruff is often discussed in connection with an itchy and dry scalp. However, many other factors contribute to the dry and itchy scalp. The use of too many products for styling or a reaction to specific products for hair can cause your scalp to dry. Certain conditions of the scalp may cause itching.

Myth 5: Any Shampoo Can Remove Dandruff from Your Hair

Dandruff Treatment

Are you one of those who is constantly switching between different shampoos thinking which one would be ideal for your hair? If so, you should stop your search! While it is true that certain shampoos will help you eliminate dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoos are the sole ones that are able to provide the best results for the removal of dandruff. Anti-dandruff shampoos are designed to eliminate dandruff that is on your scalp.

Myth 6: Your Diet Has No Effect On Dandruff

The fact is that what you eat can impact your skin and hair. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will make all the difference. Certain foods like refined sugar and dairy are loaded with bad fats that result in the scalp producing more oil and can worsen the condition of dandruff. It is better to include foods high in vitamin B, protein, and good fats to prevent dandruff.

Myth 7: Not Washing Your Hair Can Lead To Dandruff

Even though poor hygiene is one of the reasons for hair loss, washing your hair less often for a few days isn't going to cause dandruff in the event that your scalp produces excessive sebum. If you suffer from an oily scalp the fact that you don't wash your hair could influence the condition of your scalp, but it won't necessarily cause the development of dandruff.

Myth 8: All Flakes In Your Hair Are The Result Of dandruff

In reality, flakes can be simply a result of dryness in your hair. While the distinction between dryness and dandruff could be confusing to an average individual, medical professionals do draw a distinction between the two. If your flakes seem small and white, then chances are that you're suffering from dry scalp. Dandruff is more pronounced and yellowish.

Myth 9: Dandruff Only Occurs On the Scalp

While your scalp can be the acknowledged area for Dandruff, however, it's not the only option. Some people also notice that the ears, eyebrows, and the area around the nose can be susceptible to flake too.

Myth 10: Dandruff Leads To Hair Loss

The truth is that hair fall can be linked to dandruff however, these conditions aren't mutually distinct. A swollen scalp could make you very scratchy, which can lead to breaking your hair. You may want to examine your lifestyle, stress levels, and the health of your scalp when you're worried about losing hair. Like plants and soil, your hair's roots are located within your scalp, which is where the nutrients need to grow. Also, ensure you have an ideal scalp for amazing hair.

Itchy Ccalp

We've shattered the myths, it's time to share some essential tips for healthy hair. Although there are a myriad of effective ways to get rid of dandruff from the beginning, nothing of them will produce a better result than a hair spa session. Therefore, let's put aside your " chalta hai" attitude and book a hair spa appointment with “Swagmee salon at home”, right now! You can get dandruff-free hair and create an unforgettable first impression.


Is Dandruff Normal?

Dandruff is common. About 50% of the people around the world suffer from some kind of dandruff.

Can Stress Cause Dandruff?

Many experts believe that stress could cause a flare-up of dandruff. If you are relaxed your scalp also feels relaxed. Find methods to unwind and de-stress.

Can Exercise Help My Dandruff?

Regular exercise can help control dandruff. Exercise vigorously can raise the heart rate, which increases circulation. Better circulation will result in better complexion and less dandruff.

Does blow drying lessen the appearance of dandruff?

False. Blow drying can be a great way to improve your appearance during the night, however, it does not reduce dandruff.

Is there any hair care treatment which can treat dandruff?

Weekly hair spa treatment is best when it comes to reducing the impact of dandruff.

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