Beautician At Home Factifying Oily Skin Myths: What Is To Be Unwrapped?

The blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and a number of issues a person with oily skin has to face. If that is not enough, they are surrounded by a number of myths uttered by some random individuals in their lives. Indeed, it is kind of urgent to consult a beautician at home if you are hearing these misconceptions surrounding yourself often. There are many of those myths and numbering them can be a really tedious task to do. It is when an online parlour expert’s consultation comes to the rescue.

You just have to move your fingers on your mobile pad, dial their number, and they will visit you at your doorstep. Besides, you can appoint an expert beautician at home for many other beauty treatments such as hair cut at home service rather than just consultation.

Myths Uncovered About Oily Skin By Expert Beautician At Home


The oily skin myths can be a lot of burden for someone who is always suffering from grease on their skin. On top of that, there are plenty of false beliefs widespread. Hence, you need to cross them skillfully with the help of an expert beautician at home for your prime skincare or hair care with their treatment like hair cut at home service. Here are some top facts against those myths uncovered by these experts.

1. Oily Skin Does Age With Time

“Oh, I am going to be Cinderella, forever, with this naturally oily skin of mine”, is it what you bear on your mind? The truth is that this perception of yours is far from the fact. As you speak with a professional beautician at home service from an online parlour, you will know what you have been ignoring hidden in this misconception.

It is rightly stated that those with oily skin may face wrinkling of their skin a bit late. However, this doesn’t cut the fact that they will still have to encounter other signs of ageing including open pores, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. Why not give a chance to at-home beauty services such as facials, and hair cut at home service, etc. from an online parlour to tackle these issues?

2. Frequent Washing Is Not A Prime Care

It feels so relaxing to dust off that extra layer of grime from your skin. Indeed, this is like a reward to your skin health when you simply wash your face after a long day outside. But, do you feel the urge to repeat the same action in regular interval time, frequently? Don’t! That will be the word uttered by an expert beautician at home from an online parlour and you will seldom be able to refute their word given their experience as well as expertise.

If you continue delving into the conversation details with your online parlour service provider offering hair cut at home service and much more, you will know many things. The conversation might include talking about how unnecessary frequent face washing can lead to the loss of natural moisture. Besides, they will tell you that it is crucial to limit your face-washing habit to only 2 or 3 times a day.

3. Bottling Paper Is Not A Quick Remedy

A big task over your shoulders that requires you to be at the field on the screeching hot summer afternoon. Do you feel the sweat drifting swiftly towards the gravity from your forehead just by listening to this? Your reflex action in this situation would be to clear the sweat with the help of a bottling paper and hope that it will one day solve your oily skin issues, right?

Well, here are the words of a professional online parlour beauty service provider - no, it won’t! The extra oil that happens to appear on your skin just after the tiniest of heat exposure will not go away permanently with the help of the bottling paper. The only permanent solution will be to opt for the exfoliating facial services of expert at-home beauty care providers. In addition, you can request other services such as hair cut at home service, spa, etc.

4. Sunscreen Is The Right Choice

Your skin is already oily enough. What is the use of sunscreen over it? You probably have listened to it plenty of times if you are the one with oily skin. Here is when you should pause a bit and ask the experts from an online parlour offering hair cut at home service, spa, etc. for consultation. They know it better and will suggest you the perfect sunscreen that is lightweight and sits well with your skin type.

Yes! It was not the sunscreen’s fault but yours as you were doing it wrong all the time. The fact is that you have to just put in a bit of effort and find a lightweight sunscreen with ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, or cucumber. They are the right fit for skin with the excessiveness of oil.

5. Your Skin Does Require A Moisturiser

Again, the same misconception revolves around and instructs you to refrain from using a moisturiser as it is not good for oily skin. A complete lie that is being believed by everyone around and they are simply selling you their belief without any factual knowledge. Why not rely on experts giving your at-home beauty care such as waxing, hair cut at home service, etc.? They will enlighten you on how moisturiser is an essential component of your skincare routine.

You just have to make sure that you shop for one with the right formula. Here too, you can get help from their consultation or better ask them for their services on your doorstep!

Surrender To The Best Beautician At Home Service Providers!

Are you tired of tests and trying every advice or recommendation given by your near dear ones as a remedy for your oily skin? Now it’s time for you to rely on the expert at-home beauty care provider - Swagmee. They have top-notch exfoliation facials rendered by trained professionals. Besides, there are plenty of other services that you will never regret opting for. Connect with them today to book your appointment!


What are the ways for me to know that my skin is oily?

Those with enlarged pores, shiny skin, extra sweating, etc. If you see these things in your skin, then your skin is undoubtedly oily.

What is the reason for my oil skin and why do I need to resolve it?

Those with overly active sebaceous glands may experience oily skin, due to which excessive sebum is produced. It may lead to blackheads, acne, and plenty other issues that you will seldom desire. These issues make it essential for you to resolve your oily skin problem.

Would you recommend some products for my oily skin?

The products forming part of your skin-care routine must include gentle cleansers, lightweight moisturisers, oil-absorbing products. Moreover, you can always take advice from an expert beautician at home.

Do you provide any beauty care service specifically for my skin type?

Yes, we offer you the top-notch at-home exfoliating facial service rendered by our experts. Besides, you can choose for other services such as hair cut at home service. We are on our tip-toe to offer you the best of our skills.

Do you perform patch tests before rendering your service?

Indeed, we take great care of your skin care needs and perform every patch test to give you the appropriate beauty service.

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