8 Simple Steps To Keep On Your Tips To Get Smooth & Silky Tresses!

Nothing can beat the cozy feeling of sitting by the fire with a perfect cup of hot cocoa and covering yourself with a warm woollen blanket in the winter season. However, winters aren’t just about chilling & enjoying the friendly surrounding but it is the season of extreme hairfall. Yes, winter may be a beautiful season for you but not for your tresses. Yes! You heard it right.

Your hair may get coarse and brittle as well as dry and flaky on account of the cold weather! your hair requires protection during the winter, just as you do for your body. So, despite the chilly weather, keep your hair strong, smooth, and hydrated. Scroll down to discover some healthy yet easy-to-do winter hair care at home tips & tricks to keep your hair and scalp as happy as you are!

Why Does Your Hair Turn Coarse Or Brittle During Winter?

Additionally, the winter months can severely harm your hair. Normal daily hair loss ranges from 50 to 100 strands, but seasonal hair loss might take more than that. You'll see a lot of hair falling out in the winter, which might be alarming. This is so that your hair won't lose its necessary hydration due to the temperature drop and decreased humidity levels, which would make it dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage.

Here are five causes of extra hair on your brush throughout the winter and five solutions you can use to stop it.

  1. The cold air is absorbing all the moisture.
  2. Woollen headgear is more damaging than beneficial.
  3. Your hot baths are thinning your hair.
  4. Your styling habits are threatening your hair more.
  5. You are denying visible damage.

In the winter, there is little humidity in the outdoor air. The cold air gently lifts your hair strands, letting moisture leave the hair shaft. Additionally, dry hair is more likely to shed and break. This explains why there are more hair strands in your brush when you brush your hair just before night.

Avoid Utilizing Harsh Shampoos

Shampoos that dry out your hair are bad for you. Your scalp starts to produce more oil since they cause your hair and scalp to become dry. Your hair and scalp will thus become even more oily. As a result, it is best to avoid using harsh shampoos and hair care products.

Shampoo for Oily Hair

Shampoos for oily hair are available. They won't cause the scalp or hair to become dry, and they'll also keep the scalp's natural pH balance, which will prevent the scalp from producing oil for a lengthy amount of time. Additionally, you may select shampoos that are moderate, soft, and appropriate for daily usage. Since these shampoos are intended to be used daily, they should not be overly drying.

For Oily Hair, Use Apple Cider Vinegar

After you've finished shampooing your hair, rinse it with Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes! You can wash your oily hair with this superb remedy for hair care at home. Your hair will remain shiny and oil-free for a lot longer after the last rinse. Are you thinking about using apple cider vinegar? A mug of ordinary water should be combined with half a cup of apple cider vinegar. You can now rinse your freshly washed hair one last time with this water. With this effective remedy, the hair remains oil-free for a lot longer.

Give Your Hair A Tea Rinse

Not having apple cider vinegar on hand is not a cause for concern. You can achieve the same result with a tea bag or regular tea (another effective remedy for perfect hair care at home). Pour hot water into a bowl and add a tea bag. To flaunt your hair free of oil, use this water as your final rinse.

Shampoo Your Hair Properly

Make sure to properly wash your scalp and hair. If the shampoo does not lather well, give it another go to get the grease, filth, and oils off. Oily hair tends to accumulate dirt easily, so proper cleansing is critical to keep the hair roots free of oils. Although they won't lather as much if you use SLS-free shampoos, you can be confident that your hair and scalp are clean.

Clean Your Hair Thoroughly

While shampooing, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned and washed them. Pour enough water so that it completely washes the shampoo from your hair and scalp. There should be no shampoo residue left on your hair or scalp.

Ditch Your Favourite Hair Styling Tools

Winter imposes additional stress on your hair, so utilizing heat styling equipment can make it brittle and more prone to breaking. Appreciate your hair's natural texture and let it air dry as much as you can. Do not blow dry your hair because it will dry out your hair.

Eat Healthy To Keep Your Tresses Healthy

Protein-rich foods are good for your hair's health. Increase the amount of all critical vitamin-rich foods you consume, such as berries, eggs, pumpkins, and eggs. To maintain the health of your body and hair, consume a diet that is balanced and includes fruits, Green leafy vegetables, dairy products, omega-3 fatty acids, and meat. Staying hydrated is essential for keeping your body healthy and nourished throughout the winter, which is critical for maintaining healthy hair.

From using harsh shampoos to overusing flat irons or other hair styling heat tools, it's time to ditch your regular and less effective hair care tips at home in the winter season and embrace your beautiful & hydrated tresses with these above-mentioned easy-peasy yet effective hair care tips for the winter season. Well, If you are busy trying out these homemade remedies and looking for a professional solution for your brittle hair then you are free to visit Swagmee’s website and choose your slot for an amazing haircare at-home service. So, why are you wasting your valuable time? Book yourself for a salon at home Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida & Greater Noida at a pocket-friendly cost at your convenience now.


How frequently should I wash my hair in the winter?

Winter months can cause the hair and scalp to become dry, coarse, and easily brittle. So it's best to only shampoo your hair twice each week at most.

Which water is best to wash your hair in the winter?

Step 1: Wet your hair with warm water, then massage your scalp with a gentle shampoo designed for winter to remove any extra oil and grime.

Step 2: After thoroughly rinsing out the shampoo with warm water, generously coat your hair from the lengths to the tips with conditioner.

Does hot water harm your hair?

Regularly using hot water on your hair can make it porous and brittle, increasing breakage and hair loss. In addition, using hot water might cause your skin's pores to open up, weakening your hair roots and accelerating hair loss.

In the winter, can I wash my hair at night?

You can still wash your hair at night, but either let it air dry or braid it loosely before going to bed. This will stop it from tangling and knotting as you sleep, and your hair will have gentle waves when you pull it out in the morning.

Which foods stop hair loss?

Let's examine five of the best dietary categories for preventing hair loss.

  • Large Fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Leafy Veggies.
  • Fruit.
  • Seeds & Nuts.

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